Tools For the Job – Lashes

I decided to take a long weekend, mostly to do housework – yay. I went through my entire makeup collection and I am off makeup for the foreseeable future 😛 Seriously, it was a nightmare. I bought the following items before I decided to be off makeup and really, these items aren’t makeup anyway! I have never owned a pair of lash applying tweezers, I had one of those plastic applicators that came in a box of old lashes that I kept for ages and it worked fine until I lost it and have just been using a regular pair of tweezers for a while now. All of the tarteist lashes and accessories were 30% this weekend and I finally decided to invest in their Little Lash Helper. Side note here – why are tweezers and tools of this nature so damn expensive in the first place?! I don’t get it, I paid nine bucks for these on sale – worth it. These are really just L-shaped tweezers but they provide a perfect, even hold for applying fake lashes. These ones are gold and have a hefty weight to them, they feel way more sophisticated than my plastic tool and work like a charm. I think that tweezers really do work fine for applying lashes, the L-shaped design of this tool just makes application a tad easier and I like having a totally separate, sanitary tool to have on hand.  Do I recommend them at $14 – I mean, that isn’t terrible but I wouldn’t pay a penny over that. I think that any tool of this nature is definitely worth having in your beauty bag and I do think that these are very nice!


Obviously, I had to snag on the lash glue too! I think I paid $6 for each tube which is a total steal. I have used this glue before and I really like it, this glue does not make my eyes itch and a little goes a long way plus it lasts all day. I like the black glue, it helps conceal the lash band but the clear glue does actually dry totally clear so either one works well with liner. It does smell a little so fair warning but it works great and I have never had an issue with it.



I thought that I might post about how I organize my makeup collection, I actually just dumped like items into the same bin so it’s not something to boast about but it took for-ever and I should share my efforts! I don’t want to appear boastful though, I love reading others post about makeup storage – we’ll see how the lighting is tomorrow, my bathroom doesn’t have a window. The bathroom in my apartment prior to this one had a skylight – I miss that. Anyway, let me know if anyone would be interested in my loose interpretation of makeup organization and I’ll make it happen 😀

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