Wednesday Reveal – July BoxyCharm

I just finished listening to a book about serial killers and how they are generally charismatic, seemingly normal people who wouldn’t ever be suspected of serial killing. This disturbs me and yet I am fascinated by serial killers – why, I don’t get it. They are terrible people and yet they are household names – well some of them are anyway but I know very few victims. It is bizarre to me that they aren’t just convicted and disappear, they live on through books, movies, documentaries – what is this fascination that we have with something so monstrous? Good news though, the neighbors in back of me who were digging that giant hole – they just installed a pool 😛 But we literally have 10,000 lakes in Minnesota so this is still pretty heinous – you don’t need a pool here. At least they weren’t serial killing though, unless the pool was just a front for pouring concrete – they do seem awfully normal and who needs a pool in MN? Dun, dun, dun…

This will be my last BoxyCharm – yes, it is true and I have a couple of reasons as to why. First, while I think getting a box with full-sized products for $21 is a tremendous value, I just don’t need a bunch of full-sized products that I may or may not use. With samples, I can get 1-2 uses and then determine if I like it or not without committing to anything. Yup – I am making a case for samples. Second, this is my fourth box and I have received a completely busted item in 3 of the boxes that I have received. I assumed that I would be given a replacement since this sub-box is a tad more expensive than other subscription boxes but no dice. The response that I have received from their CS team on the two previous occasions was that they would try to include a replacement item with my next box but it was unlikely that it would be the same product. What? When I contacted Ipsy for a replacement shadow, it was shipped next day and it was the same item. I just don’t feel that this is great customer service not to mention, I never received a replacement item of any kind with my other boxes. Anyway, if you are just starting to get into makeup and are interested in full-sized products then this is a great value but be wary of how their CS team handles damaged items.


The theme this month was Cutey Pie and looking at this card, I could go for some cherry pie. Or any pie, I am a big fan of pie and it is almost fall – so, pie season! Here is that came in my box:

blinc Electric Eyes Eyeshadow Palette – This was the item that was completely crushed, it was a 5 pan palette of metallic shadows. I am assuming that they were pretty soft shadows, I tossed it already as it was just such a mess and could not even deal.

bareMinerals Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo – This a baked setting powder duo, one pan is matte while the other is illuminating. These powders are very fine, I haven’t used them yet but they feel nice. I think that this is a fairly new release from them – maybe within the last year?

ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip – This will go to a friend, I don’t love their satin lippies (unpopular opinion) and the shade does not suit me.


Winky Lux Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil – This has a really nice spoolie and I am excited to try the pencil, I don’t do a lot of brow pencils and enjoy getting new ones to try out. I love the packaging too, very artsy.

OFRA Cosmetics Body Illuminating Lotion – This will be another gift away, I don’t tend to take a chance on getting sunburned and probably wouldn’t have a chance to wear this.

That’s it – not a bad box but not enough to keep me subscribed! I am looking for a crafty sub-box so if you know any, let me know!


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