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Wednesday Reveal (On Friday) – July Glambag

I decided to post a sub-box this week even though they arrived too late for a Wednesday Reveal but would like to stay somewhat current with these. I will post my Product of the Week on Sunday! I have to say that Ipsy Care was very helpful and promptly replaced the eye-shadow that arrived shattered in my last bag. Thanks to all of the ladies who recommended that I contact them! This month’s theme is Over Easylazy beauty essentials? I never know, I never get these. I do love Gudetama – he is this sluggish, over easy egg that was created by Sanrio. He’s a little yolk that glides around on albumen, it’s hysterical. Sometimes he uses a piece of bacon as a blanket, he has eggistential worries – I mean, come on. I read an op-ed piece that claimed he was a mascot for crippling depression, I don’t know what made the writer feel that way. I will say, on the Ipsy Instagram there were some pretty pissed off people who didn’t like this sluggish egg on their bag so perhaps others feel the same. I dunno, it’s an egg – I don’t know why I think he is so stinking cute. Here is what came in my bag:


Pond’s Cold Cream – I use this already, less so more recently but only due to the fact that oil cleansers have become so widely available. This used to be one of few oil cleansers that one could use as the first step in their double cleanse. I like Pond’s, the ladies in my family have used it for generations and it’s a nice, affordable cold cream. I have sensitive skin and the fragrance does not bother me but it is very fragrant.


Jersey Shore Mongongo Lip Conditioner – This is a mandarin green orange and ginger lip conditioner. It smells nice but it was pretty pasty, not very balm like. This is certified organic, cruelty and paraben free.


Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner – I don’t use liquid eyeliner and so rarely use black eyeliner so this will be a gift away. Plus, I am not really into this brand – I find the quality to be lacking.


OFRA Cosmetics Eye-shadow in Gold Rush  – I like these shadows, not too sparkly but I also already received this in a bag some time ago. This will be another gift away!


Beau Gachis Illuminator Brush – I love this brand of brushes, this one can apparently be used for liquids, creams and even concealer. I think that I will like this one. These brushes are vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly!


Not a bad bag this month, I think that I was again most excited about the cute little bag that everything came in but I can definitely use a few of the items!


What did you get in your bag? Did you like the bag design? GUDE2

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  • thoughtfulpigeon

    I live the gudetama bag! He’s so cute, though he’s just an egg so I have no idea why j like him so much. There seems like a good mix of things in there but nothing too exciting. I do like the sound of the brush though, I’ve never heard of them before.

    • Stella

      Haha! Exactly, but he is adorable 😊 Right? All solid items but nothing I haven’t seen before. They are nice – good quality. I have a few by them and they hold up really well!

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