It’s Putty Apparently ft. stila

I was in the grocery store yesterday and there was a whole, giant display of those shitty soft, frosted cookies. You know the ones, nobody knows what they are made of and they are usually slathered in an inch of neon frosting. I find that people either really love these cookies or they really hate them, there is no middle ground. I don’t love them, I think that the frosting always tastes like soap but I think that there should be a flavoured coffee that is Shitty, Soft Frosted Cookie flavour. I think that could work, or Birthday Cake flavoured coffee – I would try that. I don’t add sugar to my coffee so I enjoy flavoured coffees, nutty caramel is currently my favourite.


Not terribly long ago I was seeing this putty highlighter all over social media and for some reason I was convinced that I needed the putty highlighter. All other highlighters paled in comparison to this new, cutting edge, putty highlighter. Well, it turned out, I already owned this putty highlighter and just never noticed its puttiness (I am playing a drinking game using putty or derivatives of the word). Maybe it is because I never crammed my finger into the pan – when did everyone start manhandling their makeup? I own two pans of stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter and I don’t know if mine is old but it just feels like super, soft powder to me – it isn’t bouncy and has no putty-esque quality to it. I do still really enjoy these highlighters, I own Kitten and Transcendence, both shades are equally lovely. Kitten looks very pink in the pan but does not impart any colour to my face, it just provides a soft, subtle glow. Transcendence does have a little colour to it, this is not the deepest shade but is a touch too dark for me – I can wear it with a really light hand. These powders are very soft and fairly easy to work with, I have run into some issues with applying too much and ending up with a wet looking streak on my face. I love the formula, I am not as crazy about the packaging as it is a tad clunky. I like the gold packaging that stila has but I think they could have slimmed this compact down a tad. The compact does include a nice mirror but I can’t say that I would travel with this.


Kitten is the top swatch, very sheer as you can see

The cost is comparable to other high-end brands at $32 each which I do think is pretty spendy for a product that I don’t use everyday or very much of. There are three total shades, their is a bronzier pan that is apparently just called Bronze (kudos to that creative team). stila is also officially cruelty free again which was one of the reasons that I had decided to splurge and try a few of their products and picked these highlighters up in the first place. Overall, I really enjoy them!

Thanks for stopping by ❤

P.S. These cookies, didn’t think that was coming full circle – did you? Poll – do you love them or hate them?



13 thoughts

  1. I am not a fan of those cookies, well not a big fan of frosting in general, but I love looking at them lol! I saw these highlighters at Ulta about a month ago but I didn’t even want to try it because there were fingerprints and nail impressions ALL over the testers! Your swatches here look very lovely though!

    1. It’s the frosting that gets me too, it’s all you end up being able to taste! Ew…haha. Probably people who saw those putty videos! They are nice, the formula is very good 💚

  2. the highlighters are so beautiful! and i love those cookies! hahah can only eat like one at a time though because theyre super sweet. love your blog too btw 🙂

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