The Lottery Tag!

I didn’t know what to talk about today – makeup has been same old and it is a glum day. I thought I would do a tag, Pamela tagged me in The Lottery Tag back in June…? I am abysmal at doing tags 😛 At my work, there is a tradition of everyone buying tickets that has been going forever it seems. We haven’t won. We just lost the $218.3 million jackpot so that is the number that I will use for my dream winnings. I have to say that I would not quit my job! Maybe I would go part-time but I would want to still earn an income.

Small StuffTo start, I would definitely buy a new snowboard – this is a purchase that I have been putting off for such a long time. There really isn’t anything wrong with the one that I have, in fact I love the ride but my 22 year old self decided that she wanted Optimus Prime on the bottom of my board. Now, it’s badass and I am the envy of all the adolescent boys on the slopes but I think I’d like just a beige board 😀

I would definitely purchase a velvet couch and velvet headboard. So luxurious. I would probably just live the rest of my life swathed in velvet.

I would build a cat-io for my kitties so they could go outside and be safe and I would definitely get another pet of some kind, I want a french bulldog but holy, moly are they spendy!

Small Stuff (1).png


I would probably get a new car, as much as it would pain me as I don’t know what happens to old cars that aren’t operational any longer. I would still keep my mazda – almost at 200,000 miles on that beast. I’d get a Subaru, good for camping and trips but also very sleek looking.

I would definitely take a vacation, probably to Egypt. I want to see the pyramids while I can and everything about Egypt seems so gorgeous.

I would maybe, finally buy another horse. It is expensive to stable horses in the city so I would purchase some acreage to store him or her. I would like a whole cabin/farm retreat thing but not too far from the metro so that I could still ride whenever I wanted to.

I would invest in animal hospitals, or help someone who was running a rescue. I don’t think I am qualified to run one but I would love to back someone who can do it. Honestly, there are lots of causes that I would want to support – cancer research, AIDS research, after school programs, scholarships – see, this is why I would have to keep working because I would go broke quick!

Small Stuff (2).pngI would buy a house, and in the sink I would have one of those hot water spickets for instant hot chocolate. We stayed in a resort cabin were they had this when I was a kid and I just thought it was the coolest thing in the world. It would be a totally custom house, not too big – 3 bedrooms and 2 baths but lots of beauty in the details. I would also want it to be a low-energy, sustainable home made of mostly recycled product. Is that too much to ask? I would also build a tiny home and put it out in the middle of a giant field and maybe that get away cabin?

I want to start a non-profit to provide underprivileged kids a college education or job training. I honestly don’t know if college is for everyone and I think that students should be given a choice, maybe award one from each group twice a year? I would build youth centers, while I don’t feel the need to have any kids, there are lot of kids out there without parents who need resources and guidance.

I would love to open a bookstore, although, who reads books anymore in the age of Amazon?! There would be coffee and snacks, small creative spaces, a fire place. I think I am just describing a Caribou – my bad!

Really, I think that’s it! Perhaps not the most imaginative but I also think that I would just be so overwhelmed with winning that the money would just sit there for a bit. I don’t think that money necessarily buys happiness but it can buy a lot of things to enrich the lives of others, I would like to leave that mark – when I am dead and gone, to have someone be grateful for something that I did. I don’t think that’s such a terrible thing.

If you would like do this tag, I would love to read your responses. Thanks to, Pamela for the tag!

Thanks for stopping by ❤


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