Sample Saturday – Milk Makeup

Things that I don’t understand (aside from most current events at the moment) the Post Office. Sometimes, my job requires me to express mail items, which express mail should have your parcel to the recipient the next day. It costs $23.75 for an envelope, outrageous. I can count on one hand the amount of times that this service has actually been successful. Yesterday, I was ordering something from Amazon that I did not need right away but they were running a same day delivery promotion for free.


I was thinking, Ya right, given my experience with shipping logistics. You guys, the package arrived from Ohio to my front door at 7:21 pm. Are you kidding me?! Why is Amazon messing around with buying Whole Foods? Amazon, buy USPS for the love of Moses. I didn’t even place my order until about 10:30 am – that is just incredible to me. I tried to chat the delivery guy up about their process but he wasn’t really having it – probably because he had more deliveries. Oops. Anyway, if I actually do need something the same day – I’d give it another try.


Sample Saturday is a product that came in a Play box not terribly long ago. It is the Milk Makeup Cooling Water Stick, this brand is a newer one that is cruelty free, many of the products are vegan and seem to be targeted to the low-maintenance lifestyle. This product is infused with seawater and caffeine to invigorate and brighten the complexion. It is supposed to have a cooling sensation that I didn’t really notice but I did find it to be very moisturizing without feeling heavy or clogging my pores. I have dry patches around my mouth and on my cheeks and this helps to keep those hydrated and prevents my foundation from clinging to them. It does have a slight fragrance but it’s a refreshing scent, nothing too overwhelming. I think it is a great product for dry and sensitive skin. The full-size retails at $24.


Thanks for stopping by ❤


6 thoughts

      1. What??? Omg that’s crazy!!! Mine only requires one and yells at me because I don’t sign my cards. Well I do, but it rubs off and I’m too lazy to sign it again. Ugh, waiting in lines just to wait in more lines is my pet peeve. I hate the DMV more than anything.

      2. Yea! I was seriously paying for like a little over 2 dollars and I had to provide two ID’s. It seems extreme. Haha! It is definitely one of my least favourite ways to spend my time too 🙂

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