Schedule Change & 1,000 Followers

First off, it is so overcast and cloudy today that the chance of experiencing the eclipse even a little is totally shot! It is so black out, it feels as though we are already experiencing one anyway. I hope that if you live in an area where you can see it that you get out there – so jealous!! If I wanted to view the entire eclipse, I would need to travel 307 miles – most unlikely that I will be able to fit that in today πŸ˜› Also, I was watching this warning from a scientist who apparently decided to not wear appropriate eye-wear while viewing a solar eclipse and he had permanent eye damage, fair warning.

Second, I officially hit 1,000 followers and I am so excited – thanks to everyone who has shown their appreciation for my content by following!! I enjoy blogging and am glad that I seem to talk about things that others enjoy reading about. I am still unsure of how I want to celebrate, I just renewed my premium subscription on this site so most likely won’t go self hosted any time soon but I have also purchased an additional service that works in tandem with WordPress and expands customization ability. I am still planning a gift-away and will post about this in the near future, more on this later! Anyway, I just wanted to express my appreciation to all of my followers and look forward to continuing this hobby!

Mike Archer

Finally, Labor Day weekend kicks off my volunteering season and I have some big commitments coming up. I work with a few local public schools tutoring and volunteering in after school programs. I also volunteer and organize events for local food shelves, shelters and various other community outreach programs for the holiday season. From the start of school to about New Year’s, I am volunteering just about every weekend and most weeknights. In an effort to not totally drop off of blogging like I have done in past years, I am going to reduce the number of blogs that I post during some of the busier weeks. It does bum me out as I have really been enjoying blogging everyday but I will soon be short on time. I plan to post forΒ 31 Nights of Horror and do a month of Halloween posts, I will also doΒ BlogmasΒ in December but regular posting on some weeks may only be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

So, thanks for sticking with me and I hope that you continue to check my blog out even with the reduced posting! I think that ya’ll are super lovely and I so appreciate all of the likes, comments and follows!

Thanks for stopping by ❀

15 thoughts

  1. Ah!!!!!! Happy 1,000 followers. Not everyone can post everyday so good job of doing it for that long. That is great that you get so involved in your community. I wish I had the time. You reminded me that I need to do a life update post too.

    1. Thank you ❀ Yes! At least I enjoy volunteering as much as I do blogging so it will be time well spent. You should – I would enjoy reading that!!

  2. Did you manage to see anything? I think the last time we had an eclipse in the UK it was all a bit of a disappointment…overcast and no one could see anything with or without glasses (the potential to lose your sight still scares the hell out of me!) Huge congrats on the followers, that’s fantastic!!
    Caz x

    1. Sadly, no. It was too cloudy here for it too, we tried glasses and didn’t see anything!! I know that you mean, there had been some recalls of glasses leading up to the actual eclipse so it felt risky even using them! Maybe next time 😦 I heard it was amazing for those who did get a good view. Thank you, I appreciate that so much ❀

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