Some August Empties!

Every time that I need to boil an egg, I have to Google how to boil an egg. I can cook, I cook every day – I can bake my own bread, I can make assorted desserts, my chocolate chip cookies are award winning (amongst my family), I make the most succulent meatloaf this side of the Mississippi – prove me wrong. OK, I’m bragging. But how can I not boil an egg? I feel like it is one of those skills that only grandmas really have mastered and when you become a grandma, you will suddenly acquire this skill. Problem is, I will never be a grandma and will always make terrible hard boiled eggs.

I have some empties to share today, I am terrible at saving my empties and feel that I used more than this but perhaps not. First, we have this sample of tatcha Water Cream that I chose as a 100 point reward with a recent Sephora order. As much as it pains me, I love this cream and ordered a kit with a larger size. This is just such a lovely, light weight but super hydrating cream. It is gorgeous, it is also crazy expensive – I still don’t know if I will commit to a full size jar.


I am calling it quits on the UD Naked Skin Foundation – the pump crapped out and it was just spitting product everywhere so I was just dumping it out but it is done. I am a bit bummed, I love the way this foundation makes my skin look but I have a few foundations to finish up before I am buying anymore. *le sigh*

I also finished a tube of the Coconut Balm Dotcom, I love this product. Is it over-priced lip balm, I mean, probably but it is also so much more 😉 I already have another tube and will always repurchase.

Next, this giant bottle of Mon Guerlain – gag. I am so happy to be done with this fragrance and now have a lovely bottle to add to my collection. This was not for me, it was too sweet and sadly, not what I was expecting from this brand as far as ingredients and quality.


I also finished a jar of my favourite setting powder, Coty Airspun Translucent Extra Coverage powder. The difference between this one and the regular translucent is the weight. It feels heavier than the translucent but doesn’t actually provide any coverage, if that makes sense. I have noticed this question come up before and having used both, I feel that’s the difference.


I used up this random serum concealer from bareminerals that I ended up really liking. It doesn’t provide a ton of coverage, hence the serum part but it looks glowy and provides enough coverage for a no makeup, makeup day. I don’t think that I will replace this for winter use but perhaps again next summer.

I went through a tube of the UD Primer Potion, I love this primer and think it beats just about anything on the market, I already have another tube to crack open. I do have a couple of other primers that I will rotate through but this one is an absolute must have and always provides the perfect base for my eye makeup. I love it so much that I cut the tube open and already pitched it. Oops.


Aside from a few face masks, I think that’s it for this month’s empties! I am striving to use up product that I have had in my collection for way too long and hope to have something to show for my efforts this next month 🙂

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8 thoughts

  1. Well, Grandma for sure boil egg master since they boil a lot of eggs compare to us XD Or just become a grandma who ask their grandson/granddaughter to boil eggs.
    It is such a satisfaction reading monthly empties. I still have a lot need to go. Hope I can finish them.

    1. Haha! That’s the secret – they’ve been boiling eggs for so long! I agree, I love finishing a product – I hate waste. Good luck, I hope you finish some 😘

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