5 Beauty Trends That I Have Yet To Master

And I wouldn’t mind if they just quietly went away 😛 Honestly, I think that most of these trends look really lovely on those who have mastered them but just look like a mistake when I attempt them.

Contouring – I just don’t have a face for contour and I am probably terrible at it, if I am being honest. CONTOUR I always go for the more is more technique when I am trying to carve out my non-existent cheekbones.  I have tried powders, creams, concealers – once it is all blended, there is no difference to the way my face looks. I just don’t get this trend and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere anytime soon. What brand doesn’t have a contouring product on the market right now?!


Liquid Matte lipstick – Sorry about it 😀 I wear liquid lipstick probably 3 out of 5 (working) days a week and you’d think I would just be swiping that shit on. Nope. Every single morning, I am busting out the lip brushes, protractor, magnifying mirror and the inevitable makeup remover striving to apply my lips evenly. I love the staying power of matte lippies, once it’s on then it’s typically not going anywhere but it is such a struggle for me! I would welcome a gloss come back *gasp* I am getting on-board with the sticks of matte lipstick though, just something about those little wands that can go straight to Hades.


Winged Eyeliner – Not only am I incapable of making my wings the same size, I look really bizarre with bold liner. I don’t know if it is the shape or size of my eyes but it doesn’t work for me.


Insta-Brows – Again, just doesn’t work for me. I am perfectly capable of filling in my brows but I only succeed in looking perpetually angry. I have gotten so frustrated with my brows that I have considered shaving them off and free-handing them everyday but then I also remember that I like having eyebrows after I wash my makeup off 😀


Over Lining – I was actually watching a Charlotte Tilbury tutorial and she was over-lining her lips and I almost peed my pants. Does this work for anyone!? I have tried it, believe me, I have tried it. My lip shape can be best described as Winifred Sanderson:

Winifred sanderson

I would love to get away with over-lining them but it is so obvious when I do it. Not to mention, I will obsessively press my lips together every-time I try this technique and things get messy, real quick.

What beauty trends give you a headache?

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