A YouTube Short List

I have read a couple of posts like this and enjoy seeing what others watch on YouTube – admittedly, most of the time I am just watching Lip Sync for Your Life (LSFYL) videos or some of the hysterical moments from past seasons:



Words to live by, don’t f*ck it up. But when I am not watching queens, here are some of my favourite beauty gurus in no particular order:

Pixiwoo – These sisters (Nic and Sam) aren’t gurus, they are the authority on beauty, skincare, hair care and just life in general – I think they are both just so stunning and classy. Even though they are obviously totally glamorous, they seem like hard working, career women too – they have jobs and families and I find them to be well-rounded, realistic representations of the modern woman. Their resumes are stacked, I never feel like I am just being fed fads when I tune into their channel.


Kimberly Clark – Even when I am not watching queens, I am probably still watching queens 😛 Kimberly Clark is the queen of the anti-haul and non-consumerism, listening to her rag on Sephora will have you in stitches. She is witty, intelligent and obviously gorgeous. Even though I may not totally agree with her stance on some issues, her delivery and how she presents facts makes me stop and consider the issue, I really appreciate that.


Jack Emory – People, he is 21 years old – are you kidding me!? He is crazy talented, I was watching him put purple, liquid lipstick on his face and I was thinking, This isn’t going to work but he made it work. Just crazy talented and seems so nice, sassy but in that good, best-friend who will always tell you the truth kinda’ way. I hope his channel explodes, he is someone that I don’t feel like a jerk for watching and supporting.


RawBeautyKristi – I love her because she seems so authentic and honest, I mean – when someone calls their reviews No Bullshit Reviews, I am there. Her GRWM’s are always so interesting, she has lived a full life and is very open with her audience. Plus, she cusses all of the time and pretty much everything is a bag of dicks – I can support this. Oh, and her makeup skills are incredible too 😀


Patrick Starrr – I also watch his brother, his whole family is freaking adorable. Fetch the robe, Peter – kills me every time. I mostly watch his vlogs which are stunning but he is also one of the more informed (?) makeup artists out there maybe because he is actually an artist. His foundation routine changed my makeup game, yea, you need like 6 different powders but it works.  Whenever people comment on my nice skin, I tell them to watch his foundation routine video.


Banana Peppers – Is the last mainstream channel that I watch, this is Bunny’s second channel that is more low-key. I started watching Bunny when she was doing the paranormal stuff and sometimes I will still watch her main channel but this one reminds me more of what her channel used to be. And I know, things evolve, people change, you can’t go home again but it feels very nostalgic and I like that. Plus, how can you not love Bunny?


I also watch Doctor Horror and various other horror channels because I like having the pants scared off of me. Don’t ask me how many times I have watched the shot-for-shot trailer of the new IT. Also, Geraldo – how can you not!? What are your favourite channels – do we have any in common?

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