Anti-Haul #6

I hope that anyone who is being impacted by the weather event in Texas stays safe. I remember many childhood summers spent in Texas, it will always hold a special place in my heart but I could never live there because of hurricane season. Anyway, definitely thinking of you all.

I have not posted an Anti-Haul in a while, I recently watched Kimberly Clark’s response to how she feels about this movement of anti-consumerism becoming a social media trend and how she is all about it. If you haven’t checked out her channel, you really should!! Here are some products that I am not gonna’ buy 😛

First up, we have the UD Troublemaker Mascara, on the whole – their mascaras don’t really impress me. Perversion was my holy grail for a long time until I started comparing it to other mascaras and realized how quickly it dried out and how much it flaked. I am not ready to take a chance on another $24 tube of mascara that might suck. All of that side, the claims of this product are completely asinine; get super fat, super long, sex-proof lashes. WTF kinda’ marketing is that?! Finally, a sex-proof mascara! What tacky marketing, I just need a mascara that is going to last about 9 hours and I bet you that this is not that mascara.


Tom Ford is back at again pretending that he is releasing something new and innovative when it’s really just lipstick. Hold the phone, it’s clutch-sized lipstick. What tube of lipstick doesn’t fit in a standard clutch?! There are 56 shades of the Boys & Girls Lip Color, they retail at $36 a pop and have roughly half the product of a standard lippie at .07 ounces. I guess that is where the clutch-sized part comes from, these are itty-bitty. Not worth it, pretty cases though.


TooFaced has gone far beyond too much of a good thing with their new peach collection, peach freaking everything and I am passing on it all. I really do love the Sweet Peach Palette but this is insanity. I will definitely try their new Banana Pudding Powder though, that looks amazing.

This next collection has received really good reviews and I think it’s adorable by why didn’t they use the original ponies for the PUR My Little Pony Collection? I probably would have been all over that but by not using the ponies from the 80’s, it makes it feel that this collection is being marketed to children and not women in their 30’s like yours truly.

PUR.PNGI think that’s it – there are of course loads of products being released but these are the ones that stuck out at me as being annoyingly unnecessary. What new releases are you skipping on?

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    • Stella

      Yea – I think they let the success of the palette get away from them. They are just slapping peach on everything assuming people will buy it, I don’t get it 🙂

      • Selena Hannah

        I better like them for $150! Lol. I feel like I need to use more of my collection before I allow myself to buy something. I also want to give my poor hair a break. I am almost back to being a hair virgin. The blonde is almost gone and my best friend was like “Your hair is SO dark.” It’s really not that dark but I want to embrace my darkness. I’ve always been blonde so it’s weird not to be and not blonde blonde. Like a natural more golden dirty blonde.

        • Stella

          She paid like 10 bucks a bundle and they look good so yours should look amazing!! Yea, I stick to natural colour – mostly because I’m lazy and wouldn’t manage the up-keep. I hope you love it!

          • Selena Hannah

            Your hair color looks so good though. I never would have guessed that it was natural. It’s a very pretty red brown with a few highlights running through. If I had your hair, I never would have bleached it ever. I have a strange a ashy dirty blonde/brown thing going on.

          • Stella

            Awww, thank you 😊 Nobody thinks it’s natural! You see so many good dye jobs these days, hard to tell sometimes. I love blonde hair – I hope you find something you like!!

  • ayrgalaxy

    I feel the same about too faced peach collection. I liked it at the beginning because it was unique but now…it’s not. It’s too much and it’s like they’re focusing on marketing their products around a fruit…

    • Stella

      Right?! It’s insanity, I think that their creative team has been way too influenced by the success of the palette. But you are correct, we loved it because it was something new. This collection is a whole new level of weird…

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