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Best of July

I spend about 30% of my existence trying to figure out how to get more caffeine into my body – not soda or energy drinks which would probably actually get me more bang for my buck, mostly just coffee and teas. I stopped for coffee this morning, the gas station that I stop at didn’t have any coffee!? It is a 24 hour gas station, where the hell did all of the coffee go?! There are at least 6 coffee dispensers, not counting decaf, and not a drop of coffee. It was a nightmare. Coffee doesn’t actually do anything for me but I am still bummed about it.

Yes, it is the end of July and I could say something cliche about how quickly time passes (I just did in fact) but it won’t keep it from ticking ever onward, ever forward, ever closer to the end – so I won’t! It was a decent month, the weather was oppressive but it was a good month for beauty and  me!

Let’s start with body stuff, I am back on bar soap – the whole body wash/fluff thing is too much, I like to speed shower and the lathering, lathering, lathering is just not for me. However, I found the yummiest exfoliating shower cream from B&BW – it is from the CocoaShea line and it smells like vacation (mostly coconuts). It is glorious and so gritty, the smell doesn’t linger terribly long but I have been enhancing the scent with the CocoaShea Body Butter – so good. They smell so buttery and coco-nutty, I just love them and they perform really well!



Lashes! I wore lashes so often this month, it was really random but so much fun and I plan to keep doing it. I have been using various styles from Eylure, these are easy lashes to use and a cinch to pop on. I bought several packs on BOGO making them tremendously affordable!


The coconut BalmDotcom has been my favourite flavour since I started using this product almost 2 years ago. Until the release of my new fave, their Birthday Cake flavour, this was a collaboration with Milk Bar Bakery. This balm smells and tastes like vanilla cake and contains glitter. This makes it a less universal salve but I love the little pop of glitter and well, cake.

I don’t think that I have included Hoola Lite in a favourites list before but this is the perfect summer bronzer for someone like me who cannot tan. I don’t find it to be too warm or too cool, I probably wouldn’t use it to contour…? I can’t contour so I know next to nothing about what products should be used but I don’t think this one would be good for it.


After panicking that I had ordered the wrong shade, I have come to love the tarte Clay Stick Foundation. The shade turned out to be perfect which makes me think that all of my other foundations aren’t the correct shade, This foundation is a very smooth formula that is easy to blend and it provides good coverage. There isn’t a ton of product and I have gone through it rather fast for not using it everyday – otherwise it is a keeper. Side note – Tom Ford released a stick foundation that retails for $85 – what!? Has anyone used this brand and is it really worth it?

I almost didn’t pick this next product up because I so disliked the TooFaced Hangover Primer but the spray is amazing. It smells just like the primer, which is the only aspect of that product that I did like. This spray can be used as a prepping and setting spray, I like it as both. It is really sticky, a few spritzes of this and some pore-filling spot correcting and I have a perfect base for foundation. I also like a few spritzes during the day to freshen my makeup a bit, very lovely.


Lastly, I am really impressed with the 1 Step WonderGel – I have only used two of the shades that I picked up but only because it lasts so well that I haven’t needed to repaint them often! I only paint my toes but it hasn’t chipped and it looks like salon gel polish. I wear sandals all of the time and my feet get pretty beat up, this polish is very durable. Not to mention it is only $4.99 a bottle!


Those are my favourites for this month – I have been using a lot of products that I don’t love but need to get through. I am not including these forced favourites 😛 Have I mentioned how ready for fall I am? Is it too soon for a Halloween post…It’s too soon, isn’t it?


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