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I don’t have a beauty post today because the overcast weather that we have been enjoying hasn’t presented a lot of opportunities for photos. I thought that I would share my first month experience with my Book of the Month subscription and a little review of the book that I read. The BOTM club offers a few different membership options, I chose the single book each month for $15 and I can add additional books for $9.99. They offer a variety of fiction and non-fiction books, I find that they have a ton of debut books and new releases to choose from. At the first of each month, they announce what books are available for members and you have a week to pick a title or you skip the month. My first book arrived 3 days after I chose it, in perfect condition and with a cute bookmark. I am very pleased with my membership so far. Now, to the book!


*Spoiler Alert* For my first month I picked Riley Sager’s first novel Final Girls, if you aren’t a slasher movie fiend like yours truly, final girls are the ones who somehow escape the bloodthirsty, murdering, maniac. Ten points for the book jacket, very horror movie kitsch. I love slasher flicks; Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th are just a few of my most watched franchises. Of course I was drawn to a book that seemingly had all of the best bits of a cheesy horror franchise and a bad ass leading lady – I thought it was genius. The massacre occurs 10 years ago at a secluded cabin in the woods, Pine Cottage, that is of course located right near a mental hospital. A group of teens, not a care in the world, drinking, partying and partaking in feckless debauchery, thinking that their lives could not get any better when BAM, escaped mental patient who got invited to dinner goes on a rampage. All this was fine, this flimsy plot line is in the spirit of the old slasher flicks but I was sorely disappointed with Quincy Carpenter. I mean, the sole survivor of a mass murder and she bakes for a living!? I mean, OK – who doesn’t love to bake but this just didn’t seem believable to me. You do get the whole back story here, young Quincy became distraught while watching a news story about a killing spree that also left behind a final girl and her father soothed her by teaching her to bake. This seemed too convenient to me and I think that the whole baking bit added nothing to the character. Silly and nonsensical career choice aside, she is also a klepto, alcoholic, prescription pill addict and enjoys abusive, sexual relationships. Oh, and she doesn’t remember anything about what happened on the night of Pine Cottage which lent an interesting twist to the story. There are points where we read her flashbacks when being questioned by police and there is some question as to whether she was actually the killer. I was kinda’ hoping that would be the case but, alas. When she gets a visit from Tina Stone, yet another final girl who went off the radar but resurfaces in the wake of a third final girl’s death, all hell breaks loose. You’d think that they had loads in common right? Wrong. They don’t get along at all and end up beating up a homeless guy in the park to bond, very disappointing, so-called leading ladies. Which, I get the vigilante thing and figured that this is where the plot would go but it seemed again, too convenient. Quincy, the cake-maker can beat a guy into a coma? Bullshit. Quincy of course has a distant mother, lack luster boyfriend and hunky police officer confidante who saved her from the terrors of Pine Cottage and still keeps in touch. Coop, the cop, worked for me – he was the only part of the story that worked for me but then, even his character and how he happened upon Pine Cottage and Quincy bursting from the woods, soaked in  blood was all a little too convenient. I was suspicious and for good reason, he turns out to be the killer! Not Joe, the escaped mental patient who tragically died. Then it turns out that Tina Stone isn’t Tina Stone, she befriended Joe during the time that they conveniently shared a stay in the same mental hospital that was conveniently within walking distance of Pine Cottage. She was just some drifter who wanted to clear Joe’s name, no idea how she knew that he was innocent and she became so much less interesting when this was divulged. Coop, the real killer was apparently just a sicko who liked to peep in windows and occasionally kill people, he spared Quincy because he was in awe of what he had done in creating something so rare as a final girl. What? Are there really people out there who are that obsessed with slasher flicks? Yes, me but you don’t see me out killing people! Coop dies, which we all know that wouldn’t happen. Anyone who has seen Friday the 13th Part II knows that Quincy wouldn’t have escaped, she would have been finished off when she least expected it. Tina, who isn’t Tina, goes to jail for the beating up of the homeless guy and a lot of other petty offences and Quincy seemingly goes back to cake making. Until, conveniently she hears a news story about the sole survivor of a massacre, a fresh, new final girl and she jets off to teach her how to be a final girl. How freaking, convenient. I mean, I enjoy a flimsy plot line as much as the next gal but this was a bit trite. I think that Quincy and Coop should have had a 10 year romance following Pine Cottage then one day, Quincy discovers a box of locks of hair and figures out that not only was Coop a homicidal maniac, he had been serial killing people the whole time! That would have been way creepier. Throw in a shrine that he had built at Pine Cottage and a severed head…you get the idea.


The dialogue was mostly OK, a little clunky in parts but I really enjoyed the flashbacks to that night at Pine Cottage and the suspense they built. I am still bummed that Coop was a maniac, he seemed like such a nice guy and Tina was just a drifter with a shitty tattoo 😛 Overall, it is a fun romp if you want a quick read to kill some time but definitely not a must read.

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