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I am not pregnant πŸ˜€ Warning – unpopular opinions ahead. The 13th Doctor is being cast as female and it just irritates me. It’s like a memo was sent out letting the world know that it is OK to be female, being female is hot right now, we want females. There is something lacking about the timing – it feels like exploitation. I felt this way all through the elections too, there was so much hyper-focus on gender, the future is female. Yea, no shit – as close as science wants to get to creating life, the human race needs us. The future has always been female. As a female, my validation does not come from having a female President, or seeing women cast in more saving the world type roles or a female Dr. Who. I don’t need to be told that as a woman, I can be more than a side kick – I just know this. I know who I am, I know what my capabilities are, I know what my weaknesses are and I am so much more than female. Even while we preach tolerance, equality, coexistence, we are hyper-focusing on everything that sets human beings apart. Strip all of that away and we are just human beings, we need to start recognizing one another as simply human beings. Me talking about it right now probably makes me a hypocrite, that is fine, I can own that – I wish though that I didn’t even need to think about these things. There are so many problems in the world, animals don’t have these problems. It’s just us, supposedly the intelligent species that can’t figure it out. I suppose this is all in the timing, had this happened five years ago I probably would’ve cared less but it just seems odd at the moment. I won’t be watching, I don’t need a fictional TV show to tell me that I can save the world just as well as David Tennant πŸ˜› Side note, 9 is my favourite – I don’t think Eccleston gets appreciated in that role enough, he kicked ass.

Not a care in the world, be like cats

Anyway, I have a little drugstore haul to share! Some items I actually did need and I am pretty proud of that and other items were just shiny and I was drawn to them. I picked up a few new, fall shades of the Wet ‘n’ Wild One Step Wonder Gel. I really like this polish, I actually enjoy painting my toes with it. I know that it isn’t just going to be chipped up in a day. I think that this will be the first time since my childhood that I will miss wearing sandals. I picked up Left Marooned, Coral Support and Crime of Passion – I don’t know which one I want to use first.


I was so excited to see that the Nikki Phillippi x Eylure lashes were back in stock. These are the only style that I like from the Eylure Vlogger Series, the other styles are pretty but too much for me to wear. Both of these styles, Flirty Feline and Midnight Meow are super lightweight, I also like that the feline style is only a 3/4 band and gives you lots of volume on the outer eye.


I also picked up a pack of Kiss lashes, I have not tried this brand before but have seen them used in a few tutorials and they do look nice. This was a popular brand when I was growing up, we will see how they work out. The individual lashes are tapered and are supposed to mimic natural lashes more than other styles.


Then finally, the items that I actually needed – a pair of nail clippers and an eyelash curler. These are the store brand, I think – Studio 35. I just don’t want to pay 20 bucks for a pair of nail clippers! The eyelash curler is so that I can attempt reshaping and reusing my used lashes, which I rarely do! I like to drench them in oil cleanser so that there isn’t any glue residue left over and so that I don’t pull out my lashes. I mean, they are destroyed but I would like to reuse them, I am giving it my best effort but am not making any promises.


I also found quite a few school supplies but I’ll spare you since they are for donating and not for me πŸ˜› Also, looking at these photos – something seems off about my focus…my apologies.

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  • Dizz

    I think you’ll like the KISS lashes. When I was doing burlesque, I picked up a pair on a whim because I needed some and couldn’t spring for an expensive set. They definitely aren’t the lashes I remember as a kid. They blended really well with my lashes and held up for about five or six full wears under stage lights and whatnot each time, which for the price here in the states, I was more than happy with. I just can’t get with the idea of spending 20 bucks for a pair of lashes!

    And, as a fellow 9 lover, I want to say: I get where you are coming from. My daughter, however, is over the moon that she gets to fully cosplay her favorite character now.

    • Stella

      I am excited to hear that!! Totally agree, I just cannot purchase the spendy lashes when I know that I am terrible at reusing them and I am pretty hard on my lashes. I can’t wait to try them!

      Awww, that sounds like fun – I know that she’ll have a blast! Thanks for reading <3

  • stashy

    Hmm I see your point about exploitation of having a “token” female. I guess though, because it’s not the norm to have equality, while females are charting new territory, it’s going to feel uneasy and exploitive when they’re over-celebrating it. We should be saying, this is normal, not extraordinary. πŸ˜›
    PS. I don’t even watch Doctor Who. πŸ˜†
    Fun drugstore haul! That eyelash curler is so pretty – the handle is a bit odd though.

    • Stella

      I think the oddest part about it is that the fandom knows that the Doctor could regenerate as anything, they could have just done it and it would have fit with what the Doctor is. Oh well. Yea, I tend to go for either the ones that don’t have the finger loops at all or this style – I don’t know why!

  • starringpamela

    I totally want those Nikki Phillippi lashes now! I’ll have to look out for them. She was one of the first beauty youtubers I started watching, way back in the day. I can definitely understand your point about the Doctor. I watched until Capaldi and I was happy to see a female Doctor but I feel like everyone was overreacting. Then again, they all get something everyone picks at, I remember everyone saying Capaldi was “too old” or something when he was cast.

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