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First Impression Friday – It Cosmetics

I am shamelessly ripping Bunny off – or whoever started this series? I know that there is a gal that does Foundation Friday as well. Anyway, I don’t have a product of the week because makeup has been pretty minimal for me – I feel like we are in the throws of the dog days of summer and I am over it. Yesterday it was 54 degrees out, it was so lovely and fall like and today it is back in the 80’s. I also don’t feel super fantastic, wonderful – I had to get a Hep. B series for some volunteer work that I am doing and it is just kicking my ass. Part of my immune disorder is 1) I cannot be vaccinated for many things or 2) I feel like shit and my lymph nodes swell up and I feel like I have the flu for weeks after if I can get vaccinated. Mew, mew, mew – first world problems.


I got my hands on the Confidence in a Cleanser and it is glorious. It was good timing too, I am about done with my sensitive skin wash. I have super sensitive skin and this product sounded perfect for me but it claims to be suitable for all skin types. This product has a lot of the same claims as the Confidence in a Cream, it is packed with loads of anti-aging ingredients, is supposed to moisturize, fortify and brighten the skin. It if formulated with hyaluronic acid and colloidal oatmeal, also it is rich in anti-oxidants and is sulfate free! It says it is a serum cleanser and it does feel like what I imagine mixing a serum with a soap product would feel like – delicious, I want to bathe in this. I have used it twice as my AM cleanser and it does make my skin feel very moisturized but doesn’t leave any noticeable residue, I don’t know how it performs with removing makeup and I would think that this would be best suited for a second cleanse after an oil or balm. Also, it has that characteristic, slightly lemon-y scent that the cream has which I really enjoy.


First impression is that I love it and this product is just as luxurious and delicious as I thought it would be! Also, there is a foil packet sample of their signature cream in the box – a nice touch for those who haven’t tried it! I will update when I am done with the tube.

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