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Like The 45 needs anyone else causing drama that reflects poorly on the White House, you have Ms. Linton clapping back at people on social media over a Kentucky day trip. When I first read the story, I was wondering why she needed to attend the reform meeting in the first place and reports are now that they went to view the eclipse. Honestly, what? I get that they are an independently wealthy couple but when you arrive in an official jet with United States of America emblazoned on it – tax payers might have a few questions. When you work for the public, no matter what your role is, the public’s perception is your reality whether or not it’s accurate. I just feel that this is common sense…? We don’t even have free coffee in the break room, it could be perceived as frivolous spending and yet government officials are jetting all over the place in the era of the tele-conference!? Skype that shit, they don’t need to appear in person. You’ve never seen Fort Knox? Neither have most Americans. I’m just saying, if you are going to abuse the amenities provided to you on behalf of the American people, maybe skip calling a bunch of attention to yourself by getting into a social media feud…? Completely tacky and declasse, money can’t buy class people.

Anyway, because my opinion matters 😛 My favourite Fiona Stiles eyeliners are down to nubs and this brand isn’t available at ULTA any longer – I think it can be purchased through QVC but I have never ordered anything from them. Admittedly, I don’t need pencil liners – I never wore them until the last year or so but I do like to have them on hand. They are quicker than gel or liquid liner and harder to mess up, I use them for work a lot. melt cosmetics, released their Essentials Liner Set that includes 4 liners for $43 and since I was already ordering another stack, I decided to grab one. melt is an indie brand, I love their stacked eye-shadows – the quality is incredible and I figured that their eyeliners would be as well. Also, 4 liners for $43 is a freaking steal and the set included a cute, little bag! These are wood pencils with matte, black casings – they go well with the packaging of the stacks.


So far, I have only used Columbia which is an ultra-matte chocolate brown – this is definitely a shade that I knew that I would like. I am happy to report that the product is really smooth and applied without tugging my eyelids, skipping or chunking up. I used it on my top lid and it did transfer to my lower lid by the end of the day but I also have the most watery eyes of anyone that I know and this happens with all liner on me.

The other liners that I have not used yet are:


Filth – this is a dark charcoal with brown glitter specks, super excited to try this one.

1987 – blackest black liner, I don’t wear a ton of black liner but this is my birth year! If I could be embodied in a piece of makeup, I would want it to be either a super black mascara or an eyeliner.

Lamia – this is a brown with an eggplant base, I should have swatched this one but too late now. When I do a full review of these, I will be sure to do that. I don’t even know what it looks like on but it sounds gorgeous, I will have to use it soon!


This set is currently sold out, I don’t know when they restock but I would recommend to anyone who needs some quality, pencil liners in their life at a great cost! Individual eyeliner pencils from this brand retail at $17 each, I also recommend any of the stacks and all of their lippies in case you were wondering 😛

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