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Talking to the BF about home decor and showing him a gold, geometric tea light holder – while convincing him that this was trendy I said, Geometry is hot right now. Math teachers everywhere are rejoicing. I’ve said it before, I enjoyed math but it’s not like I have used anything aside from addition/subtraction in my adult life. I am still in decorating/cleaning mode – I’m having a hard time finding pieces that I am really into. Then I stumbled on H&M Home and I am probably the last person on earth to know that they started selling home decor but I have found some pieces that I actually like. We are still going gold/beige in the living room because I learned my lesson after I decided to order that contemporary bookshelf. I still don’t know how I feel about it, I keep putting stuff on it, looking, taking stuff off, putting stuff on. I am looking for more pieces to go with my black/white geometric pouffe that I bought for the bedroom. I did find a few really funky pillows on clearance at Target that do match it but still looking for a few more items. I think these pieces will be perfect to finish the theme that I have going:

the art of design

Even though I am sticking with gold and beige in the living room, I am sneaking in some blush pieces too. It is just close enough to beige that I think I can get away with it πŸ˜› I don’t currently have any mirrors in the living room but I like the illusion of space that they add and of course, more geometry and gold!

the art of design (1).png

I am curious to see what the quality of these pieces are, I think that everything is really affordable. I would like to use some of these smaller pieces to style this hideous book case, wish me luck…

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