July Fail – tarte

I have decided that if I ever start a YouTube channel (which I probably won’t) that I will wear a lab coat. I have noticed a trend of dermatologists in infomercials wearing lab coats and it’s something that I feel could work for me. A lab coat says, You can trust me. I have my shit together. Or in my case, I just found this lab coat but you can probably trust me. Do dermatologists actually need to wear lab coats, serious question and after Googling it, there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer. Thinking on it now, I never noticed if mine does or not but I’ll look next time.


I forgot to include my July Fail with my end of month post but do feel that this product is so crappy (yea, I am 12) that it was deserving of its own post. I recently finished my jar of Coty Airspun and this was a momentous occasion. There is a whopping 2.2 ounces of powder in the standard size and I think it took me almost 2 years to get through? While I use this product for all of my setting needs, it took forever to get through which left me thinking that I should try something that doesn’t come in such a large quantity. I don’t think that having it for so long changed the way it performed and it does have a sifter which keeps it sanitary and thinking on it now – it probably doesn’t even matter. That being said, I purchased a jar of the new tarte filterd light setting powder. First off, this is such a minuscule amount of product given the price point – $34 for 10 grams of product. You can get 1 full ounce of Laure Mercier powder for $38 or the new TooFaced setting powder for $34. Second gripe is that the sifter is such a joke – the holes are teenie tiny and I have to tap it on the counter to get it out, takes forever. Third, it is so drying and cakey and it literally did nothing to set my foundation or concealer. My skin felt like it was made of paper and it never sunk in, I was able to just dust it off. Finally, it is way too yellow for my skin tone and the pictures on their site aren’t great – in one frame it looks pink and in another it looks yellow. I had a weird, yellow cast anywhere that I put the foundation. It smells like vanilla cake which is fine but it never dissipates which was bizarre. I am giving it points for the stunning packaging but don’t let that fool you – this product is terrible and it did nothing for me 🙁 I don’t know when I am going to realize that trying new things is bad and I will regret it 😛 Anyway, I don’t think that I have ever tried the Laura Mercier and think that might be my next pick up or I am giving up and going back to Coty grandma scent and all.


Leave me a recommendation if you have a fav powder! Thanks for stopping by <3


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