Sample Saturday – Beau Gachis

I went to Walgreens for a prescription and coffee creamer and came out with a whole bag of random. I really think that it is a marketing scheme for them to take 45 minutes to fill my pills so that I shop, they take me for the sucker that I am. Should I post a drug store haul, it’s an addiction πŸ˜€ In my defense though, the local Walgreens has done a total overhaul of their beauty area, it is packed with new stuff – it is a really small store too that never gets new stuff! Anyway, I rounded up a few brushes from Beau Gachis that I have received mostly from Ipsy. I know that brushes in subboxes are not everyone’s cup of tea, they can be on the cheaper side but I gotta’ say – these have become some of my most used brushes. I will say that these brushes do look eerily similar to Morphe and they don’t have a lot of products on their site but I do enjoy using them!


These brushes are all synthetic bristles so they are super soft, they have aluminum, ferrules and real wood handles – they have a hefty weight and they don’t feel cheap at all. I purchase all kinds of brushes and these are nice solid brush at a fraction of the cost of my more expensive ones. The first one that I have is the Tapered Blending Brush that I love so much, I could do an entire eye look with this one brush. It is soft and fluffy, it is great for warming up the crease, adding deeper shades to the outer lid, brow highlight – I need like 10 of these and at 8.95 each, owning multiples won’t break the bank. I think it’s a fantastic brush, it hasn’t lost any bristles and I wash it weekly, it is still incredibly soft and I would definitely purchase more.


The second one that I have is their Concealer Brush (9.95) and I use it everyday to apply potted concealers. This brush is really nice for precision concealing, it works good for under-eyes, small blemishes, face tats πŸ˜› It has also held up really well through washing and it is denser but not stabby, another lovely brush.


Finally, the most recent addition to my collection is the Illuminator Brush (9.95) that I have not reached for as much due to having a few illuminating brushes that I already really enjoy. This brush is very soft so it is easy to grab a small amount of highlight, I prefer to start subtle and build product so that I don’t get a stripe of highlight. Another nice brush that I will continue to use!


I have so far really enjoyed receiving this brand in my subscription boxes and I would love to see more!


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