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Sample Saturday, sponsored by mono and no – it is not an STD if you were wondering. I am on about week 4, how did I get mono? No idea, how does anyone get mono? I don’t share drinks, I don’t share eating utensils, I don’t touch things in public. I went for a check up on Thursday, yup, still have it. I feel mostly fine, it is weird that the really bad symptoms coincided with some vaccinations that I had and I just chalked it up to that until one day I was pretty certain that I was dying, went to the doctor and it was just mono. Is it sad that one of the first things I asked was if I would have to throw my makeup away. PSA – I don’t have to 😛 The BF doesn’t have it, so I am pretty certain that I ingested mystery spit at some point in time – yea, gross me out. My doctor disagrees. Given my immune system I am more susceptible to pretty much everything and could have picked it up a lot places. Best part, you can’t take anything for it aside from over the counter painkillers. What is the point of this story, don’t get mono – I don’t recommend it. Get the chicken pox, way cooler, you get to stay home and people don’t constantly confuse that with an STD.


For Sample Saturday, I have a product that I was really excited to try but was pretty underwhelmed by its performance, the Marcelle 3-in-1 Micellar Gel Eye Makeup Remover. I was excited to try this product because I use micellar water to remove my eye makeup before jumping into my cleansing routine. I wear a lot of eye makeup so I use a lot of micellar water and a lot of cotton pads. For some reason, I thought that a gel product would be more potent for removing makeup and that I could use less. This gel is an aloe vera based product that claims to remove eye makeup including waterproof mascara with just a swipe. Ya, right. I tried the one swipe thing and next to nothing came off, then I tried to press the product in to let it penetrate my makeup and this was a bit better but again, removed next to nothing. This product did not work for me even a little bit and I think its a waste which is a shame because I thought it was a great idea. A micellar gel would be fantastic for travel! I did test it out on foundation and powder, even though it claims to be specifically for eye makeup and it only performed marginally better. This product is supposed to be moisturizing and de-puffing but I don’t think that it actually came into contact with my bare skin. I would definitely try this brand’s micellar water even though this product was lame, the water has rave reviews online. Anyway, I will stick with plain ol’ micellar water until someone perfects the gel concept. The full size product retails at 3.3 ounces for $16, making it a tad more expensive than most micellar waters that I have tried.

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    • Stella

      Neither did I! A co-worker asked where I had been, I was home sick for a couple of days and I said that I had mono. She says – isn’t that an STD 😂😂 Well, no. Yes! Stay away from it, totally gross.

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