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Sample Saturday – Yes To Tomatoes

I just finished reading my first Book of the Month Club selection and I thought it was pretty good, I knew going into it that it would have some elements of cheesy, tweenie, slasher flicks (that I absolutely love) but I was not expecting the ending. Sometimes that is a good thing, I don’t like books to be too predictable but this was bizarre in how unbelievable it was. Also, it affirms my belief that most everyone is probably a serial killer. Are you tired of hearing about serial killers yet? Too bad, I am like the aliens guy only I blame everything on serial killers. Power goes out – serial killers. Can’t find my whisk – serial killers. In other, completely non-related news, a Hobby Lobby just opened up near me and we were on a coffee run but I wasn’t really dressed to be getting out of the car so we didn’t go in! That’s what I get for being a slob. Also, kudos to them for moving into a vacant store front and not building a brand new store next to a vacant store front like those dick bags at Aldi. There will be a Hobby Lobby haul in the near future, stay tuned.


I am cheating a little with today’s Sample Saturday product, this is a product that I already used and loved before Vegan Cuts sent it to me. But I just finished the package and thought that the timing was right to share my thoughts on the Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipes. You get 30 facial wipes for $5-6 bucks depending on where you buy them. These aren’t suitable for removing makeup, I tend to use these for a deep down scrub in place of toner – if that makes sense. Or, I will target congested areas like my chin and cheeks if I don’t feel the need to use one all over my face. The ingredients are really simple; charcoal, tomatoes, witch hazel and watermelon to name a few but they help keep my skin clear and smooth. I like that the wipe is a little coarse, if it isn’t a peel night and I am just doing a double cleanse – these are great for exfoliating. I have used these for a couple of years now, which is kinda’ big for me as I like to try new things all of the time but these just do the trick. Since using them, I’ve had fewer blackheads and tighter pores. If you are having a stubborn break out or just need something to keep your skin clear – these are so affordable, easy to use and pretty potent without having a lot of harsh ingredients. I am no skincare expert (just wait ’til I get that lab coat though) and skin is very personal but I have had great results using these. Also, the package is not covered in loaves of bread like I thought πŸ˜€ those are charcoal briquettes. I am sure most people would know this but for the life of me I could not figure out why there were loaves on the package…



I hope that you are having a lovely weekend, thanks for stopping by <3


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