Schedule Change & 1,000 Followers

First off, it is so overcast and cloudy today that the chance of experiencing the eclipse even a little is totally shot! It is so black out, it feels as though we are already experiencing one anyway. I hope that if you live in an area where you can see it that you get out there – so jealous!! If I wanted to view the entire eclipse, I would need to travel 307 miles – most unlikely that I will be able to fit that in today 😛 Also, I was watching this warning from a scientist who apparently decided to not wear appropriate eye-wear while viewing a solar eclipse and he had permanent eye damage, fair warning.

Second, I officially hit 1,000 followers and I am so excited – thanks to everyone who has shown their appreciation for my content by following!! I enjoy blogging and am glad that I seem to talk about things that others enjoy reading about. I am still unsure of how I want to celebrate, I just renewed my premium subscription on this site so most likely won’t go self hosted any time soon but I have also purchased an additional service that works in tandem with WordPress and expands customization ability. I am still planning a gift-away and will post about this in the near future, more on this later! Anyway, I just wanted to express my appreciation to all of my followers and look forward to continuing this hobby!

Mike Archer

Finally, Labor Day weekend kicks off my volunteering season and I have some big commitments coming up. I work with a few local public schools tutoring and volunteering in after school programs. I also volunteer and organize events for local food shelves, shelters and various other community outreach programs for the holiday season. From the start of school to about New Year’s, I am volunteering just about every weekend and most weeknights. In an effort to not totally drop off of blogging like I have done in past years, I am going to reduce the number of blogs that I post during some of the busier weeks. It does bum me out as I have really been enjoying blogging everyday but I will soon be short on time. I plan to post for 31 Nights of Horror and do a month of Halloween posts, I will also do Blogmas in December but regular posting on some weeks may only be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

So, thanks for sticking with me and I hope that you continue to check my blog out even with the reduced posting! I think that ya’ll are super lovely and I so appreciate all of the likes, comments and follows!

Thanks for stopping by <3


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