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The Eye Cream Chronicles

No lie, I am so freaking ready for this movie! Yea, Pennywise does look a tad CGI’d and Tim Curry was terrifying in just makeup and a wig but it still looks pretty scary. I seem to recall that there were claims out there that all of those clown sightings last year were a hoax to advertise this movie – how diabolical of Stephen King would that have been though? I mean, genius but could he have really pulled that off?


Same. I use a lot of eye cream, I have super crepe-y eyes and though I don’t have a lot of lines (crows’ feet), my eyelids and under-eyes are chronically dry. I am still on the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery at night because that stuff is amazing but I have two day time creams that I have been using and still don’t have a clear favourite. I will say, that these may not be suitable for all skin types for day time use and might be a little heavy but they work for me.

Farmacy EyeDew – Really pretty but annoying packaging, the pot is tapered so I always think that I have way less product than I really have. This claims to be suitable for all skin types and help with dark circles, uneven texture, dullness, firmness and elsacticity. I don’t have dark circles and can’t speak to that but this cream does help keep the skin around my eyes hydrated and luminous through the day. All of the ingredients in this product are naturally derived, it doesn’t burn my eyes and it absorbs really well. I think it smells a little like grass but nothing off-putting.



It Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream – This is my second pot of this eye cream, again with the tapered jar design – I just don’t get it. This cream is a tad heavier than the EyeDew and the ingredients, while nothing scary are not naturally derived. I can use about half the product and still get all day hydration which is a good thing. This one smells a little like lemons and it will sting if I get it in me eyes – which, I know that it isn’t supposed to go in my eyes and this is user error. As far as anti-aging results, I would say that this one is more potent than Farmacy and I really enjoy it.



Price point, these are $38 for .5 ounces which isn’t terrible but also doesn’t help set them apart. I still have yet to find an eye cream that really wows me, maybe I just don’t know what they should be doing or if the results should be dramatic. I have always struggled with eye creams, I definitely need one though. These are both good eye creams, I would recommend either for anyone with dry eyes.

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