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Trying On – TonyMoly Take 2

Weird story, I went to get my nails done today at my regular salon and when I paid for my services, the gal said that my card had been declined. I had just used it on my way to the salon for some coffee and thought that was odd. I immediately panicked because the last time that something like this happened, someone had stolen my card number and purchased like 10 airline tickets. The gal said that I should just pay in cash, which I only had enough cash for a tip on me. I called my bank, they said they that there wasn’t a declined transaction and no issues with my account. I took cash out, no issues and paid for my services. Maybe I am being paranoid but I think she claimed that my card had been declined so that I would pay in cash! I know that they prefer cash tips but often I do get asked if I can pay in cash and sometimes I can but sometimes I just have tip. It just seemed really odd, especially since I had no issue using my card the rest of the day. I’m not going back there, if you only want to take cash – make it a policy and put up a sign!


I used two more of the Tony Moly masks that I picked up awhile ago. My skin has been irritated and I decided to try two of the purifying masks this time around. I used the i’m Real Cactus Mask and the Makgeolli Mask. I would say that neither of these two were too wet, they had just enough serum  for one use and all of the serum absorbed within the 15-20 minutes that I was wearing them. The cactus mask had a floral scent to it while the makgeolli didn’t really smell like anything. Both did help reduce the irritation on my face but unsure if this was just due to the cooling sensation and added hydration or if it was the ingredients. My skin felt hydrated and softened after using these masks and I enjoyed using them. The sheets themselves are soft and fairly face fitting, it isn’t a chore to wear these for 20 minutes. I enjoy this line, the ingredients are decent and there are a ton of flavours to try! They offer something for just about every skin issue and are super affordable!


Have you tried these – what is your favourite flavor?

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