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Trying On – TonyMoly

Daria is probably my favourite, not-suitable for children cartoon. I am Daria, jaded, unenthusiastic, questionable fashion choices. I found these Daria and Jane best friend enamel pins on Etsy. I don’t have a BF that would wear them with me and appreciate them (questioning my friend choices as I type this) so I tried to convince the BF to wear them with me, it’s a no go. What is the point of having a boyfriend if he won’t even wear a best friend Daria pin with you? Honestly.


I finally tried one of the TonyMoly sheets masks that I picked up a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. I decided to try the Tea Tree Skin Soothing mask as I am sucker for tea tree, this mask wasn’t too strongly scented and was very refreshing. It was on the thinner side for a paper mask but adhered to my face decently enough, I didn’t feel it slipping all over. This mask had just enough serum to coat my face and neck with no waste, I hate drippy masks – they gross me out so this was good for me but may be dry for those that want lots of serum. This mask is supposed to be used for dry, irritated and fatigued skin and my face soaked it up. It definitely was refreshing and soothing, for 3 bucks I was pretty impressed. I was pleased with the ingredients list, the cute packaging and the overall results – I would totally repurchase this one! I look forward to trying the others that I picked up. Have you tried anything from this brand – what would you recommend?


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  • Selena Hannah

    The one that I tried and reviewed on my blog this week, the red wine one, and a ton of serum left in the packet but it didn’t drip down my face. I used the leftover serum as a daily serum for like a week after the mask. I liked it, but I didn’t really notice anything besides moisturizing.

    • Stella

      I saw that, I’ve been keeping an eye out for that once since reading your blog about it! Wow, that’s a ton of serum – I’ll be curious to see if some of the others are like that.

      • Selena Hannah

        I hope they are. Usually a mask will give me a couple of uses after of just the serum and this one was literally 7 days worth. Maybe, because it is thinner? A little goes a long way? I definitely like how light the serum is compared to some others that are more gel like.

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