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Wednesday Reveal – August Sephora Play!

While struggling to get my lashes on this morning, I convinced myself that my eyelids are just too small. I watch these gurus using like 15 different eye-shadows and I am like. how do they have all of that surface space? Then I recalled a Trixie Mattel makeup tutorial that I had watched and how she wears 7 pairs of lashes, she wears them way higher up than her lash line because her face shape is totally transformed once her makeup is on. That is what I need to do, just restructure my face so that my lash line is in the middle of my forehead and I have more work-space. I mean, if I just start doing it – what can people really say? Oh, you don’t like my makeup? Well, I think you’re ugly.

Sephora once again, did not disappoint with this month’s Play! box. The theme of this box was The Innovators and again, I feel like they can just do away with the theme thing – they never really make sense to me. I say this every month – tired of hearing about it? Too bad 😛 The insert that came with this box was a beauty element chart and I thought it was too freaking cute, the bag was another cloth bag – meh. Here is what came in my box:



beauty blender – Eh, I have used these before and I guess I just don’t feel that they are really necessary. They released a colour-correcting quad a while ago and I own that but honestly have used it like two times. These might work for liquid highlight but again, not a necessity.


Clinique HIM Dual-Ended High Impact Mascara and Primer Duo – I love mascara, I love mascara primer. I have not tried either of these products but am excited to give this duo a whirl.

TooFaced Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil – I already use this stuff everyday and I love it, yes it does seem superfluous to have a product specifically for removing mascara but it works. I have never used a product that so completely and cleanly removes every bit of my mascara and lash adhesive.


GlamGlow Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer – What? How can a moisturizer be matte and glowy? My sample is really hard, I couldn’t even get the product out to see how it looks on the skin – I don’t think I am going to put this on my face. This is supposed to be a hydrating, water-based cream infused with volcanic minerals for a unique matte glow. It certainly does sound unique, curious to know if anyone has tried  this and if they liked it…?


Alterna Haircare Caviar Anti-Aging Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist – I tried this and it just felt like I was spraying water in my hair, I didn’t really notice any change in how my hair looked and felt. I do like the bottle though…


Kat Von D Saint & Sinner – Perhaps the first perfume sample that I have actually been pleased to receive. Unfortunately, neither one is for me – I liked the scent of both for about an hour and then they dried down to a bitter, alcohol scent – they just did not work with my body chemistry.


That’s it! I am pleased with the products that I received this month, I love trying new brands and really enjoy the variety of brands that Sephora has been including lately.

What did you get in your box?

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  • ayrgalaxy

    I’m three months into this subscription and I’m getting tired of getting a cheap makeup/cloth bag. I feel like maybe they could change the material or something but idk. Not a fan of the bags, and the themes are okay I guess? So far I like this month’s somewhat.

    As for products…We got the same bag contents! I’m thinking the mini beauty blender I’ll use for liquid highlight or something as well. I tried the glam glow moisturizer but I didn’t actual take note of the effects. I’ll have to keep using it to see if it really hydrates and mattifies my oily t zone.

    • Stella

      The bags are pretty tacky, I don’t really even know what to use them for…? I just don’t get the them thing, they really reach for some of them.

      Nice! I am curious to know if you that moisturizer works for you. I haven’t heard much about it but will have to give it a whirl and see what happens!

  • Selena Hannah

    So jealous of the glamglow moisturizer. Sounds like my kinda thing. We got the same sponge and hair care product. I don’t get the theme thing either. They only one that really worked was for July. I got the Kat Von D concealer, but I won’t let myself open it until I use up my Nars one.

  • starringpamela

    We only got one product that was the same! I also got the mini beauty blender, which I’ve been using for concealer because I can’t find my concealer brush anywhere. I wish I had gotten that Saint and Sinner sample though. I actually got myself the travel spray version of Saint and I’ve liked it, too bad it didn’t work out for you! Perfume is so different per person!

    • Stella

      I could see it being useful for concealer! It was by far the best perfume sample that I’ve received. I know, body chemistry is so interesting! I’ve loved perfumes on others and then hate them on me. Still looking for the perfect fragrance!

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