Wednesday Reveal – Play! The All-Star Edition

It is official, I am done with summer – tights and boots from now until March with zero complaints. Plus, how close are we to Halloween?! So close 😛 Today’s box isn’t part of the Play! subscription, it is a one-time purchase, limited-edition, luxe box. I think that they have released only a couple of these, I missed out on the last one (The Iconic Edition) and it looked so good that I decided to go for it this time. I don’t know if the samples are bigger than the regular sub-box or if the brands are higher end but this box costs $20 for 6 products. The theme was The All-Star Edition, it included a pack of product ‘tarot’ cards and a holo-bag; those elements pretty much sold me. The product description also included a list of brands that would be included in the box so that helped a little too. Oh, also – I received a pack of fragrance samples in the box which was super helpful as I am still on the hunt for a new signature scent. To the box!




Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer, 8 ml – I have used this before so I knew that this size was going to have the weird spatula applicator which I don’t mind. I had a love/hate relationship with this primer when I used it the first time around, I love the powdery finish that is gives my skin but it creases weird. I am still excited to give it another whirl and test out different foundations over top of it.


Dior DiorShow Mascara in Black, deluxe sample – I freaking adore this mascara, I already use this and know that. I was actually hoping that it wouldn’t be a mascara sample but alas. I will definitely use this up, it is one of those samples that doesn’t twist off – you just pull and I think that’s tacky. Come on, Dior. The brush on this mascara is amazing, it is fluffy and conical so you can grab each lash. It is a great formula, happy to have a travel size in my collection.


Ski-II Facial Treatment Essence, 10 ml – This is an award winning, signature essence that moisturizes and brightens, revealing youthful looking, radiant skin. It kinda’ just sounds like fancy toner. You pat it into clean skin but reviews claim that this helped with texture, hydration, loss of elasticity and blotchiness so I am definitely curious. This is a perfect example of something that I would want to try before purchasing because it is crazy expensive at 99 bucks for 2.5 ounces – I better not like it.


AmorePacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Creme, 8 ml – This product seems to be all package, the cap completely envelopes the actual jar of product, I just think it is wasteful. This is an intensely hydrating daily moisturizer with the power of bamboo leaf extract. I am still skeptical of all of the claims around bamboo, I could take it or leave it. This cream is very heavily scented, it smells like a vanilla baby lotion that I used ages ago. I had to read the suggested use again as I thought that fragrance in face creams were out. It went on really oily and I didn’t think it would work as a day cream but it completely absorbed into a surprisingly matte finish. Hydration was good but at $150 for 1.7 ounces I was expecting a totally new face. I will use this up but cannot imagine purchasing it.


Tom Ford Lip Color in Indian Rose, .03 ounces – This is the teeniest little replica of a Tom Ford lip colour, it is adorable. Even though it is teenie, it still feels luxurious and it is a colour that I would wear. That being said, I would wear it because it is a dusty rose shade of which I own like 50 or so. Oh well, I am going to display this stinking adorable, teenie tube. The formula is pigmented and smooth, I will use this up! I would like to point out that this sample is roughly half the size of his new Boys and Girls Lip Colors that retail for $36 each, don’t pay that much for a deluxe sample, for the love of Moses – don’t do it.


Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb – Gag. Again, I was hoping that the box would include any other sample from this brand but I should have known. My bestie wears this though and she can have it. It is so weird that this scent smells lovely on her and smells like poison on me, it actually gives me migraines if I wear it. Body chemistry is so fascinating.


I really enjoyed this bag and feel that it was well worth the $20, it included a few skincare items and I am always interested in testing skincare so I didn’t mind. I think that subscription boxes are an excellent opportunity to try brands that I would never drop cash on if I didn’t get to test them first and this box did just that! I would absolutely purchase another bag like this one and hope that Sephora releases more. I loved the tarot card theme, clearly a lot of creativity went into developing this concept, I wish that we saw more of this effort in the monthly boxes! If you have an opportunity to snag one, I would go for it.

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12 thoughts

  1. The holo bag is super eye-catching – I can see why it sold you!
    I hope you hate the Ski-II Facial Treatment Essence too… better yet, just toss that sample so you aren’t even tempted! 😉
    And yay for Fall too! My favourite season.

    1. Haha! Love it, I will never know if I love it by just tossing it 😀 It is so nice outside, it already feels cool and crisp – I am kind of hoping that we don’t have a warm up!

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