21 Days of Beauty – Fall 2017

I think that I am finally getting old, technology has surpassed its usefulness in my opinion. I keep getting these alerts on Pinterest that I have matches, what does this mean? Then I have Cortana asking me if she can interest me in a coupon, no and shut up. Who comes up with this stuff? How is this useful? It gets back to the whole question of should we be developing these things just because we can? My answer is, no. I wonder if Cortana is reading this, probably – she is plotting her revenge as I type this.

It is time for 21 Days of Beauty during which ULTA showers us with amazing deals on loads of brands. It starts on September 3rd (today) and ends on September 23rd. There are so many good deals but here are the ones that caught my eye!

SEP4I have wanted to try these Plumpline Lip Liners by Buxom for ages but I am addicted to my $3 NYX lip liners and just don’t feel the need to pay more. I would however try a couple of these at the reduced price, I really enjoy Buxom product and am excited to give these a go. There are 20 shades, I am determined to find at least one to try.


SEP7If you have not tried the TooFaced Sketch Marker Liquid Eyeliner, run – don’t walk to snag some of these beauties. These are probably some of the only liquid liners that I can use, they have a very fine felt tip that is easy to use and delivers a precise, even line. The liner itself looks beautiful on, some liquid liners can dry down and look too dry but these are stunning. I own the black, navy and brown shades – they are all fabulous. Plus, how stinking adorable is this packaging. Definitely snagging a few more, I have my eye on the purple and green.


SEP11.PNGAnother TooFaced product to be a part of this sale that I would definitely recommend is the Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Primer. This is a fantastic primer that is a total steal at this price. This one is a bit stiffer in consistency when compared to the UD Primer Potion but works just as well at keeping shadow intact and boosting the vibrancy of shadows. ANTICSEP12.PNGstila matte’ificent Lipstick for $11 – yes, please. I have been using more matte lippies in sticks rather than liquids and I love them. They are easier for me to apply and aren’t as drying as liquids. It might be just my imagination but I also think that they settle less in my fine lines. My lips don’t look nearly as crepe-y and dry when I wear this type of matte. stila has become a recent favourite brand of mine and think I need to try these.


SEP13.PNGI just recently finished a sample jar of the Dermablend Loose Setting Powder and am obsessed. I was already planning on purchasing a full-sized jar, now I am probably going to have to get two 😛 This powder sets my makeup without feeling too dry or looking cakey. It also helps to camouflage texture and reduces the appearance of my pores, I love the flawless finish that it gives. I have used this powder with a few different foundations from satin to matte and it looks great – I am delighted that it is a part of the sale.

DERM.PNGSEP16I have only purchased the IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation in the powder a couple of times and then I go back to the UD powder foundation. I am just about done with my UD powder and plan to pick this up as a replacement, I don’t recall why I didn’t buy it again but I think it’s because UD was on sale at the time? I am a big sale shopper, I don’t think that I disliked the product. Also, I am excited to see Dose liquid lippies as part of the sale, I am skipping on these but I do like this formula and have a couple In my collection, I am including as a PSA 😛

SEP18.PNGFinally, I am rounding out the sale with another stila product, their Huge Extreme Lash Mascara. I am a fan of this mascara, I’ve only tried it in a sample and would love to have a full-size!


I think that’s it – the gals at ULTA and I are about to be on a first name basis 😛 This sale is one of the many reasons that I enjoy shopping at ULTA, their rewards program is awesome and you can save a ton of cash while racking up some serious points. What are you eyeing during the sale?

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