MOTD – Coca Mocha

Can we talk about cults for a second, at what point does one realize that they’ve made a mistake? Does it have to be the Kool-Aid drinking moment, have these people never seen a documentary or a made for TV drama about these things? When you get to the Kool-Aid, you’ve gone too far, it’s too late. I just don’t get it, I’ve been watching too much Netflix.


I purchased a couple of these Little Palettes from Morphe some time ago and don’t use them very often, they have so much fall out and are kind of a pain. I think that there were 4 versions of these, each had 8 pans with a mix of matte and shimmer shadows. I like the shades but the formula is eh. This is the Coca Mocha palette, I literally used every shade, some have more pigment than others and I just wasn’t getting the dimension that I wanted. I have a couple of tubes of Shape Tape to use up that don’t work with my skin tone so I have been doing that concealer as primer thing. I don’t hate it, I still prefer regular eye primer if I am using it though. I kept the complexion glowy and basic, I am in love with this Strobing Cream from MAC but hope to find a cruelty free dupe, this is just a sample that I received in an Ipsy. Eyelashes are Wispies from Eylure and lips are Teddy Bear from Lime Crime. Oh, hello Winifred Sanderson lips. I tell ya’, I would absolutely have my lips done given the opportunity. I didn’t love this colour once I got it on but I also have a commitment to turning my face into a crime scene if I try to remove a lipstick when my face is done so I was stuck with it. That’s it, fairly neutral – I mostly just wear makeup to work so it’s never anything exciting 😀



That’s it – thanks for stopping by ❤

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