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Some September Empties!

I hate shopping for clothes; online or in store, it doesn’t matter. It is boring, I don’t understand trends and if it doesn’t come in black then I am not interested. I have been on the hunt for a black and white striped shirt for-ever and finally thought I had found one, I ordered, it arrives and I whip it out of the box, put it on – it’s a crop top. It looked like a regular top online though, brands need to add scale photos to their product shots to assist people like myself. I could probably wear it with that sequin skirt that I have yet to wear that was another online shopping misadventure.

I have a few empties this month, mostly skincare and I didn’t finish the foundations that I had wanted to – better luck next month.


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream – This is my favourite day time moisturizer and I purchased the giant tub for the winter season that is fast approaching. Also, they had a special edition tub and a portion of the proceeds go to Autism Speaks which is something that I support. I will post some pictures in another post, the design is very cool and colourful.

Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Ultimate Hyrdo Gel – This was just a sample and I used it up when I was in between products. It smells really fresh and lemony, it does provide plenty of moisture but didn’t wow me enough to want a full-size.

Farmacy Eyedew – I like this eye cream but I don’t love it, I find it a bit light and my eyes look dry by the end of the day. Also, the package is hard to work with and I never manage to get all of the cream out.


MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ – I don’t get this product. I had never tried MAC before and figured that I would choose a product that everyone raves about and chose this, I just don’t get it. I don’t think that this spray performed any better or worse than any other spray that I have tried. The sprayer wasn’t my favourite, it did smell nice but I definitely do not see the hype.

Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray – I probably use a bottle a month, already repurchased. This is my go-to face spray, whether I am just using it as skincare in the evening or using it as a setting product – I love it.

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Palmer’s Cleansing Oil – I love this cleansing oil, it is incredibly effective at removing makeup and leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. I have transitioned back to the Kiehl’s for winter use, pretty much my whole skincare routine is dominated by this brand but I do enjoy this cleanser and it is such a steal.

Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Wipes – I always have these on hand, love ’em.

Bioderma Purifying Micellar Water – This stuff burns the shit out of my eyes, I could stop rubbing it in my eyes but that isn’t going to happen. I have loads of micellar waters that don’t bother my eyes, this one is great at removing makeup and I like it but I don’t think this will be a repurchase – love Bioderma though.

Not bad, mostly skincare again but I am still working on my makeup stash. Also, it has been rainy and overcast so I had to improvise with my photo location. Mer, mer.

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  1. Michala • Reviews à La Mode

    I love that Mario Badescu spray too! Its so light and refreshing

  2. is Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream heavy? Have you tried the Bioderma water in the pink cap? That one is the most gentle micellar water I’ve tried and I love it!

    • The cream is pretty heavy, I have pretty dry skin – they do also make a lotion in this line that I use in the summer though that isn’t as heavy. No, I have not tried that one – I do love Bioderma, I will have to check it out!

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