Banana Pudding Powder Time

I was so excited to try this product out and I have to say that I am equally as disappointed in this one. TooFaced released a whole slew of products recently including a collaborative collection with OG beauty guru, Kandee Johnson. The Banana Pudding Powder is supposed to be a brightening powder that sets and locks makeup into place, blurs harsh makeup lines and gives skin a photo-shopped finish. The powder itself is a peach-y tone with pink, purple, yellow and blue pigment in it. I have used powders with colour correcting pigments like this one before and love the blurring effect that they can have. My favourite right now is by Guerlain, I was hoping that this would be a more affordable dupe.


First, it doesn’t smell like bananas! Mine doesn’t smell like anything really, just like your typical compact. I find this odd since most online reviews mentioned the banana scent. This powder is very fine, the recommended use specifically states that this powder is great for under-eye baking but I find it much too fine for that purpose. I wasn’t able to get this powder to set any of my makeup, it wouldn’t adhere to my foundation and felt like I had a powder film on my face. I tried using it to kick-off my setting powder and found that in natural lighting, I had yellow patches under my eyes and anywhere I had used this powder. It settled horribly in the fine lines around my eyes and I had yellow streaks! I have tried different density brushes, in combination with different powders and couldn’t get it to do anything for me. Finally, I though that this would be a universal face powder as there is only one shade but it pulls so obviously yellow on me that it looks totally strange and un-blended. The compact is adorable, you do get a nice mirror and the product is pretty in the pan but just does not work for me. This is such a pass, I think I might even return it. Mer, mer. 



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  • Tigritsa

    I’m sorry to hear it’s such a disappointment! I was definitely curious about this one. I love Kandee and the packaging is certainly adorable but it’s unfortunate the product doesn’t deliver!

    • Stella

      Me too, I wasn’t expecting it to be such a dud! It might work for deeper skin tones but it did nothing for me, oh well – not everything can be a winner I suppose 😊

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