Beauty Mistakes That I Make

I love when an ad for some magazine that I will never read pops up on the side of my browser with some click bait like, Are you making this common beauty mistake!? To which my response is, probably. Makeup to me is all about personal preference and finding out what works best for you, it annoys me to no end reading articles like this or listening to beauty gurus who tell you not to do something. I mean, yes, there are application techniques that will garner better results for most people but makeup is supposed to be fun. Here are 5 beauty rules that I shamelessly break (call me tacky):

DOLLYWearing Too Much Eyeliner – Apparently, this makes me look old (or haggard according to one magazine) but maybe that’s what I was going for. It isn’t but I like quite a lot of eyeliner, I like to wear it on top and bottom, in the waterline and then I also tight-line and I am not sorry about it. Not to mention, the smoky eye trend is just seemingly eyeliner gone wild and it’s hot right now.

Applying Foundation All Over the Face: Guilty and a little on the neck too for good measure 😛 I won’t lie, I didn’t even know this was a faux-pas! I apply a thin layer of foundation to my entire face so that it is all the same colour. To appropriately apply foundation, it should just be used on areas that need colour correcting. I have a ‘ruddy’ complexion so I probably over do it but I am not stopping, Wayne Goss. I also apply foundation over my concealer *gasp*

when-a-girl-wears-too-much-foundation-pungeon-nun-20573997.pngWearing all Shimmer Shadows – I do this quite often and I love it, personally. I think that shimmers add more dimension and pop than mattes. I love matte shadows but I will pop on a couple of shimmers and head out for the day.

Skipping Primer – This one is personal preference to me and it depends on the products that I am using. Primer is a relatively new product and I don’t get how it is played up to be something that one absolutely cannot live without these days. I don’t tend to skip face primer, I don’t have great skin but there are a couple of foundations in my collection that work really well without primer. I have also skipped eye primer, I honestly cannot think of a particular shadow formula that performs noticeably better with primer.

Unnatural Blusher – Yup, show me the person who looks natural in blush. I am not going full-on clown party but yes, I wear strong blusher and I am sure that it is noticeable. Sure, it’s not for everyone but I feel that it’s most important for me to like how I look. If it isn’t causing someone bodily harm, how important is it?!

To wrap this up, I have also been known to; wear too much mascara, skip setting spray as often as I can, wear the biggest false lashes I can find, apply cream highlight over powder, as well as wear black mascara on my not black lashes. You’re probably thinking that I just constantly have shit makeup, I’d probably agree with you 😀 I guess my point is that makeup is supposed to be fun and about what makes you feel good.


What beauty rules do you break?

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