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I love it when I am just casually sitting at my desk, minding my business (probably not) eating a snack cake (I wasn’t but you get the idea) and my foundation is oxidizing like a son of a beast. I about peed my pants when I went to the restroom and my face looked like a bad self-tan! I have had it with the NARS All Day Luminous Foundation, I am about to pitch this bottle. I used to love this foundation and now it is just a giant struggle to wear it. I just expect more from a $49 bottle of foundation!

Speaking of NARS, they are releasing a holiday collection that is a collaboration with Man Ray. We all know how I feel about makeup brands ‘collaborating’ with deceased artists, I am not crazy about it and it feels exploitative. I think that Man Ray, who I know mostly for his surrealism, is a very interesting pick and if any brand could do it right – it would absolutely be NARS. Also, this collaboration isn’t totally random as they have released collections like this before. Surrealism is pretty terrifying, in my opinion, all the melting clocks, black holes, misplaced eyeballs, misplaced body parts in general, inanimate objects in place of body parts – it’s a creep fest. I am intrigued by this collection, as far as I can tell – there will be a highlighter, various lippies, a face palette and an eye-shadow palette. Release date per NARS will be October/November – Sephora did have early access for a 4 piece lip set but I passed, there are other items that I am more interested in. All of these images belong to NARS!

I think they did such a stunning job with these, the items that I am most interested in are the highlighter and that gold lip shade – I don’t even care what it is, get on my face. I  love the inclusion of the lips too from Observatory Time: The Lovers, it is one of his more startling pieces and I love how they have used it.


Are you interested in the collection?

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