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I swear that anyone with a British accent could sell me anything. Does anyone else experience this phenomenon? It doesn’t matter what is being discussed, a British accent just sounds so sophisticated and I assume that they know what they are talking about because of this and that I can trust them. I never understood My Fair Lady, are there some regional accents that are less desirable? Like southern accents in America, some are very alluring (Matthew McConaughey) and some are less so (Larry the Cable Guy, although I question if that is genuine) – Eliza Doolittle could still sell me a bikini in Greenland. I watched Tati’s review on the new Victoria Beckham/Estee Lauder makeup release and she didn’t sell me on anything, even the stuff she liked. This afternoon, I watched a video about the same collection on pixiwoo and I want it all, I don’t even wear Estee Lauder! The only product that I have ever tried from them was a concealer that I only purchased because my mom wore it and I was just getting into makeup and didn’t know where to start. My mom was the type of lady who wore Estee Lauder, I am not that type of lady. I see these women in the real world and I know that they are probably sitting at their vanity in the morning in a chic dressing gown, with their perfect skin, applying makeup they don’t need. I don’t know where I am getting this imagery from:


Oh, right. I know that no amount of makeup is going to make me look like Victoria Beckham and yet I still want it. I am unsure if I even like her, I don’t dislike her but I only know her from the Spice Girls and you can’t judge people based on what they did in the 90’s. This line is so expensive that I wouldn’t even want to use the products, Yes, I’ve lost weight – I’m on a new diet. It’s called I Can’t Fuck  Up My Victoria Beckham Lipstick. Honestly. If I could talk myself into any of the products, knowing that I would suffer from agonizing buyer’s remorse, here is what I would purchase:

Modern Mercury Highlighter – This highlighter retails at $75/.26 ounces, it is supposed to be a rose gold shade.

Java Bronzer – This bronzer looks so smooth and natural, this retails at $65/.42 ounces.


Eye Foil in Blonde Gold – This is a multi-purpose eye colour? Tati wore it over shadow and pixiwoo showed a look with laying it down on the bare eyelid. This retails at $40/.12 ounces and there are 2 shades.


Eye Metals Eyeshadows in Blonde Gold and Bitter Clove, these look really stunning and you actually do get quite a bit of shadow. $45/.1 ounce.

The packaging, the aesthetic – the collection looks stunning. Would you splurge?

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