Fall In – Blush Edition

Continuing on with my fall makeup mini-series, I have 4 blushers to share today. For fall colours, I like blushers with brown and rose tones and a little shimmer as my skin tends to get very dry this time of year and that helps to add glow.


Dallas by Benefit is a blusher/bronzer with a matte finish, it is easy to over do it with this one but I love it. It has an interesting bronzing effect but also warms the complexion with a dusty rose tone.


Papa Don’t Peach by TooFaced while it does have a completely asinine name, this one is stunning too. It isn’t peach toned on me, it is more of a muted mauve shade with a little shimmer. I don’t know if this shows up in the photos or not but the top has gone all chunky and pebbly, that is annoying and I don’t think I will repurchase this once I finish it.

Berry Amore by Milani is apparently the exact same shade as the TooFaced blusher, I didn’t even notice this. I like it for all of the same reasons, this one might be a tad more shimmery and the baked formulas is really nice.


Mellow Wine by Wet ‘n’ Wild is a pinker version of Dallas, I did know this and it is on of the reasons that this shade is a favourite. The formula is matte but so buttery, it blends seamlessly.


Top to Bottom: Mellow Wine, Berry Amore, Papa Don’t Peach, Dallas


Those are my fall blush picks, did I include any of your favourites?

Thanks for stopping by <3


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