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Product of the Week – Clay Cleansers

I had a moment today after hearing that the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette was being discontinued, panicked and almost bought it! I had this palette on a wish list but skipped it after swatching the shadows in store because it just wasn’t exciting in person. Then it was sold out forever and I went back to wanting it and now that I won’t be able to have it, and I want it more. Clever marketing Huda, you aren’t fooling me though. I would try the lippies, those do look really stunning.


I thought that I had included at least one of these cleansers in my Best of August post but I didn’t which I should have because these Pure Clay Cleansers from L’Oreal are amazing. These are new at the drugstore, I know that there are a few masks that are also a part of this line – I don’t love jarred masks and haven’t tried those. I think that are also three flavours of the cleansers but I have not been able to find the charcoal one yet. I really enjoy clay masks because I usually have oily skin but what I enjoy about these cleansers is that you get all of that deep cleaning goodness that only clay can give you without feeling totally stripped and parched. Both of these cleansers claim to remove everyday impurities, dirt, oil and pollution – yes please. I picked up the Exfoliate-Refine (red algae) and the Purify-Mattify (eucalyptus) cleansers and I think they do everything they say. Both cleansers leave my skin feeling clean and soft, I love the exfoliating property of all of the grit in each cleanser, they smell good and are just a treat to use. I like to use the red cleanser in the evening just a couple of times a week since it is a little more potent, it works wonders on purifying the open pores on my chin and nose that look bigger after wearing makeup all day. The green cleanser is mild enough to use in the AM before makeup to purify and banish oil and I am partial to the scent of this one – it is really lovely. I picked these up at Target for 7.99 each – they are well worth, I am obsessed with using these.


They are my Product of the Week because they do just what they claim and are super affordable! Thanks for stopping by <3



  • llindaxxo

    I actually bought these when they first released in the glass jar packaging months ago. My only complaint then was that I didn’t like how it was in the jar, but I just saw these tubes yesterday at the store and then I saw your post and I thought WOW MEANT TO BE – it’s like fate is telling me to get these masks in the new tube packaging! I hope these tubed versions work just as well as the jar versions 🙂

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