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Product of the Week – Curology

I know what you are thinking, That brand on Instagram? To which my response is, Yup – that brand on Instagram. Here is the deal, I purchase my healthcare independently and have ever since I was diagnosed with my immune disorder about 10 years ago. I am not eligible for insurance through my employer and not having insurance just isn’t an option for me. I don’t understand how people choose to skip on insurance, it is your responsibility, you make sacrifices and manage your priorities. I would rather not eat than not have insurance, I mean, that seems extreme but that’s how important it is to me. Lots of things changed with Obamacare and I am not getting political, that’s just a fact – the demand exceeded the supply and suddenly my insurance didn’t cover many services that it used to. It is frusterating, I don’t pay any less for my healthcare, in fact I pay more every year and yet I am getting fewer services – explain this to me. One of the things to go earlier in the year was my medicated skincare and yea – don’t come for me, it does seem petty but it also seems petty to me that so many Americans choose to be unhealthy and yet feel entitled to healthcare for management of their lifestyle diseases. I don’t choose to have acne and it was a big deal to me. At my age, it is embarrassing to have acne – it makes me feel unprofessional, less confident, I generally feel unattractive but acne definitely heightens that feeling – blah, blah, blah – it’s stupid but it is a big deal to me.


Anyway, I talked to my dermatologist about other options and she actually recommended a service like Curology, I can get the same topical prescription medication for literally a 1/4 of the cost of what she would prescribe me. Curology is a prescription service, backed by real medical providers who assess your skin condition and tailor a treatment specifically for you just like a dermatologist would. You fill out a profile, upload some pictures of your skin then you are paired up with your provider who works with you to develop a customized treatment. I was able to upload photos of when my skin was at its worst and photos of how I want my skin to remain and also included info on what I was currently using, their customer service was awesome and very knowledgeable. My provider even added an anti-aging ingredient to my customized cocktail after reviewing my photos. I received the first bottle in about a week, this is my 3rd bottle now so I have been using it for about 3 months and I love it. I am only using the nightly topical treatment and my skin looks just as good as when I was using my dermatologist prescribed treatment. I didn’t experience any flaking, irritation or redness but this might be attributed to the fact that I was already using a medicated product, but I am still amazed at how effective this treatment is and there wasn’t a lapse in my treatments. It is super easy to use too, just 2 pumps at night for me and my skin is clear, bright and so soft – I think it’s the anti-aging ingredient because I wasn’t noticing this as much on my old medication. I still go to the dermatologist for facials regularly and she agrees that my skin looks just as good which is huge. I was definitely hesitant to try this service, it helped that I had someone who had treated my skin for years on hand for questions but the conversations with the Curology provider also boosted my confidence in the service. Their customer service team was very responsive, extremely helpful and I just can’t rave about them enough. I know that they offer services beyond the monthly/bi-monthly topical treatments and it depends on what you need. I am on the bi-monthly plan now, you just get a bigger, two month supply bottle (the bottle pictured is an empty one-monther). I haven’t needed to request any changes to my cocktail but your provider can do that for you based on your feedback and there are loads of ingredients for your customized treatment. My only disclaimer, everyone’s skin is different and this might not work for everyone – this has simply been my experience with this service. Acne just isn’t something that I want to worry about and Curology has definitely kept me worry free. Now, if legislation changes in my state and I can’t get my bottle – I will fight someone.

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