Rust Stack Eye Look & Review

I saw pumpkin spice OREO’s at the store yesterday. So it begins.


I won’t lie, I don’t get the pumpkin spice craze, I don’t think that the coffee drink even contains actual pumpkin. It’s just syrup and 8 cups of sugar, people. I remember my first pumpkin spice latte – I had just arrived in St. Paul for my first year of college and my dorm mate and I went to a Starbucks. It was a crisp fall day, we were giddy with the anticipation of college life – the latte was delicious. But I don’t think it had anything to do with the latte, I think that my perception of the latte was influenced by all of the other senses being piqued. Has this happened to anyone? I experienced this with a piece of cheese once too, I am a complex human being 😛 I have only had one or two more pumpkin spice coffees after that and they were gross. I have a crockpot recipe for them that I really like but that artificial crap, gag.



What I am excited about is fall fashion and makeup! An absolute favourite eyeshadow collection for fall, is the Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack. All of the stacks are really nice quality, the matte shadows are smooth and so blendable and the metallic shadows are stunning and crazy pigmented. The pans are magnetic and they stick to one another, the stacks come with a mirror to use as your lid. The Rust Stack includes 5 shadows; Classic, Antique, Rubbish, Rust and Rott. Antique is a vanilla shade that won’t do much for anyone as fair skinned as yours truly, what I use this for is an all over base over my eye primer. It doesn’t matter what shadows I am using for the day, I always use this to kinda’ set my primer. Antique is the perfect peachy shade for warming up the crease and using for a transition shade. Rubbish is where it starts to get fun, this is a gorgeous mustard shade – I use this all over the lid and on the lower lash line. It is a unique, buttery shade that is just lovely. To add some depth, I use Rust which is a warm, burnt orange and smoke this under the lash line as well. Finally, using my finger tip I press a little Rott into the very edge of my crease, this is a deep chocolate shadow. I love wearing these 5 shades all on their own but have also added a little shimmer with a pigment or glitter. For this look, I used a gold cream shadow from Revlon, I kept the lips neutral with one of the new metallic lip colours also from Revlon (review soon) but I will wear a vampy burgundy or orange with this look too. I tightlinged with just some basic brown liner, DiorShow on the lashes. Cheeks were just a touch of coral and complexion was Infallible Matte – an easy, fall look.



The Rust Stack retails at $58, the shadows are vegan and the entire Melt brand is cruelty free!



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