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Sample Saturday – First Aid Beauty

The X-Files has to be my all-time favourite TV show ever since I was way too young to be watching it. I really thought that they were real agents and I so badly wanted to work for the FBI and solve X-Files with Fox Mulder. Not that they solved any cases, thinking on it now they were probably the worst FBI agents in the history of the bureau. Nine (now ten) seasons and two movies with no closed cases 😛 When I was old enough to realize that Fox Mulder wasn’t an FBI agent, I was forced to change my career plans. *le sigh*

Today I have two products from First Aid Beauty that I have been testing out. There are a few products that I have tried from this brand before but nothing that has become a staple in my skincare routine. With prolonged use of their moisturizers, I experienced a lot of pore blockage and breakouts and had to move onto something lighter. I do like one of their cleansers and use it sporadically, I was definitely interested in trying some different products from this brand.

The Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer that is supposed to brighten the skin and prep it for makeup application. The first thing that I noticed on application was how shimmery this made my complexion, it made my skin really glowy – this could be worn all its own as a complexion boosting type product. It is very lightweight and smells fresh and beachy. My concern with the product was the coconut, coconut products break me out but I gave it a whirl given how light it was. It does hydrate really well, my skin was supple, foundation and powders layered really well on top of this product. This won’t help cover any texture or pores so I would recommend a pore filling product if you feel the need. I was surprisingly not a bit shiny, I was expecting to be oily at the end of the day given how shimmery this was on my skin. This product did break me out almost immediately, at the end of the day I had several bumps underneath my makeup. If you can wear coconut products and want a light product that wears well under makeup and brightens skin, this might be for you but it is a pass for me.

June Sephora Play


Next is a product that I have been really enjoying, their Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser. This product is formulated with red clay but is surprisingly gel like in texture, it also doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight like some clay products tend to do. This cleanser is supposed to remove excess oils, unclog pores and purify – I think it does all that and leaves my skin balanced and matte. It has a very medicinal, eucalyptus scent that I enjoy but may not be for everyone. This a well-balanced, potent cleanser that does just what it says – I would consider purchasing a full size.

August Glambag


FAB is a cruelty free brand that is also reasonably priced, they offer a variety of skincare products and are suitable for sensitive skin. I really enjoy the minimalist aesthetic of this brand, not only in their packaging and presentation but also in the simple ingredients that they formulate their products with. I would definitely try more from this brand even though not everything works for me.

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