September Wishlist

Driving into work this morning, absolutely bawling my eyes out listening to JJ Watts talk about his fundraising efforts for Harvey relief aid. Coworker asks me what’s wrong, I’m fine. I just found my faith in humanity again and I just cried off about $1.75 worth of Dior mascara 😀 I am a pretty emotional person, but my delivery of all emotions is dead pan unless I am crying so it is often hard for others to gauge what I am thinking or feeling. I will be super excited about something and be like, Oh, I am so excited; and people think I am being sarcastic but I’m not! When my hamster died, I simply walked into the living room and told the BF, Newman died. Then when I was boxing up his little body I was crying because I was really sad and the BF was shocked, he said he didn’t think I was sad about it. I never want to be dramatic about things but this results in people thinking I am having mood swings when I have felt strongly about something the whole time, just on the inside. Anyway, I think it is amazing what people who are just private citizens wanting to make a difference are doing.

Side note, I have to apologize to anyone who has followed me on Twitter and I have never followed you back or interacted – I am terrible at Twitter. I don’t get it – I followed all of you back and I appreciate that you took the time to follow me! I have a wish list today, there have been a few releases that have me drooling and I feel that I need.

Natasha Denona has a new palette, I am still bitter about missing out on the Sunset palette and in all honesty – I am probably going to miss out on this one because I don’t get online shopping. How do items sell out in literally minutes? You can’t show up late to an online launch, I work all day – release things at like 7 PM CT, I could maybe be on time for that. I need the Lila palette, I don’t own a lot of purple or pink shadows – I own a few singles from ColourPop and SugarPill but can say with certainty that this would be a unique item in my collection. You get 15 pans of shadows for $129, eh – that is steep but I would love to own this.



TooFaced just released a slew of products and most of it is pretty boring but I do want a couple of items from the I Want Kandee Collection. I have to have the Banana Pudding Brightening Face Powder because it looks amazing and Kandee has a gorgeous complexion – I don’t think that she would back a shitty face powder. This is a multi-coloured brightening powder that is supposed to colour correct, blur imperfections and set your makeup and it smells like bananas which I can appreciate.

There are also three liquid lippies included in the collection and while the tubes are really cute, I don’t think they are anything special but might have to take a peek…


I am still doing the dry skin thing, I am cringing at the thought of the dry winter weather. I have used the Vitamin E line from the Body Shop before, they have an overnight mask that I really enjoy – I am keen to try this hydrating mist. I would like to find something super hydrating that can be sprayed over my makeup. I already know that I am getting wind burn but maybe this will minimize the damage.


Makeup Forever has these nifty little, Prep, Cover & Set kits where you can sample a primer, foundation and setting product. I have always wanted to try a foundation from this brand but first, there are 500 shades and the reviews are either love or hate. I would love to try a couple of these to see what works for me.





Finally, I do want a full-size of The Water Cream from tatcha but I am really going to have to talk myself into this one. I am half-way through the deluxe sample that I bought and if it doesn’t break me out and keeps working for me, I might have to go for it.

That’s it! What products do you have your eye on?

Thanks for stopping by <3


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