Smashbox Primer Haul

Serious question, how much is too much to pay for a pair of socks? I don’t own a ton of socks and I don’t purchase them often, I received an email for an 8 pack of socks for $58. They claim to be the most comfortable socks in existence but they don’t look like anything special to me. I’m skeptical.

The Smashbox travel primers are on sale for $10 each during the 21 Days of Beauty. This is such a steal and being the primer junkie that I am, I picked up another tube of my favourite primer and two that I haven’t tried before but have been wanting to. These are .5 ounce tubes and they last me about a month, which is fine since I do use primer everyday no matter what other base products I am using. The original PhotoFinish is my absolute favourite primer, this is a gel-like, dimethicone packed, pore-filling product that erases texture. I have used this primer with countless skincare products, foundations, BB creams and it works with everything. I have never had issues with pilling or bunching, it blurs the texture that I have on my face and I don’t find it to be drying. I use this in conjunction with other primers when I need added pore coverage and I just love it.


Seeing as how I love this primer so much, I figured that their new’ish Pore Minimizing Primer would be a new favourite. This is an oil-free primer that has a much more powdery feel to it than the original and has a slight pink tint. I hate this primer. It felt nice and mattifying on the back of my hand but does nothing but pill up when I put it on. I ended up trying to press it in as best as I could and it crumbled up under my foundation. It probably isn’t interacting well with something in my skincare that I am using but I am not changing anything to accommodate this product.

The Radiance Primer with hyaluronic acid is amazing and definitely a new favourite. This primer has a peach tint and imparts an over-all glow with a hint of colour. It also plumps and hydrates my skin, foundation applies really lovely over this primer. It is a tad tacky and I think this is what helps with getting an even, smooth foundation application. My skin does get progressively more glow-y over the course of the day but doesn’t look too oily. This primer doesn’t do a lot for pores and I would probably pair with a pore filling product in the future. I definitely like using it all on its own though too!

If you haven’t checked this sale out, it is a great opportunity to try new products at a fraction of the full-size cost. Smashbox is the authority on primers and I know that there are even more outside of these three that I haven’t tried.

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  • beautyandmomlife

    I buy 10 packs of cute socks at Walmart or Costco for like $10-15 max. I only wear socks in sneakers or boots anyways!

    I really like Smashbox primers and although I just did an Ulta Haul on Saturday for the Cover FX powder they don’t offer the Smashbox primer offer to Canadians sadly and I can’t justify the price right now. I have a few samples still though and I really like them!

    • Stella

      That seems more reasonable, that’s all I use my socks for too!

      I haven’t tried the Cover FX powder but I really like that brand. That’s too bad, it’s a good deal!

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