New at the Drugstore Haul!

And by drugstore, I mean Wal-Mart. I went there this morning for coffee since they are the only ones who are open super early and managed to have way too much fun in the makeup aisle. I was on the hunt for a couple of new releases and they literally had everything that I have been wanting to check out – that never happens and it is probably for the best 🙂 Side note, these pictures are not super great because I took them inside – mer, mer. 

I am jumping on the FitMe bandwagon, I have read/watched so many rave reviews about this line and I was on the hunt for the new loose setting powder (which I found) but also decided to give the Matte+Poreless Foundation and pressed powder a whirl, these aren’t new but this is the first time that I am trying them out. Drugstore foundation has been my addiction lately, I love the Infallible line – it is my go to foundation and I am excited to try these products out. Their shade range has been praised before but it really is impressive, especially for drugstore.


I picked up two new Almay products formulated for dry skin, my face is parched when I get my makeup off at night and I need something more hydrating in my routine. I chose a pack of their Ultra Hydrating Makeup Removing Towelettes and Makeup Remover+ Foaming Lotion Cleanser. Washing my face with lotion sounds amazing. Also, Almay makes some of the best makeup wipes – they are usually gentle but very effective at removing makeup.


MODA released new brushes in their Prismatic collection that are Wal-Mart exclusives and I am so into these brushes – I think they are so lovely and this is one of my favourite brush brands. Each set comes with a holographic brush roll, super cool. They are all synthetic bristles, so soft and they work really well for me. They are on par with Real Techniques but I do feel that the MODA bristles are a bit stiffer and may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


That’s it – I stayed out of the lipstick aisle 😛 I will come back with reviews on all of these as soon I have had the chance to give them a whirl so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by ❤

21 thoughts

    1. Most of my brushes come from subscription boxes or they are drugstore, I hate buying them – at least these are pretty. These are a deal too – pretty much everything you need!

  1. I really want to get MODA’s new makeup brushes but at the same time I don’t need face brushes, I need eyeshadow brushes the most lol. Maybe I will get it, I’m still not sure, I don’t usually go out of my way to go to Wal-mart because I never go that far LOL

    1. I wish they would do more eye kits, I have a handful of face brushes that I rarely deviate from but love trying different eye brushes! Haha! It’s on my way to work and they are open at 6 AM or else I wouldn’t either 😉

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