For the Love of Pixies

Alright ladies, (and gentleman) I am having a hair dilemma. I am at that stage where it feels frumpy and too long and usually what I do at this point is just cut it all off into a pixie and start again. Seems drastic but I love a pixie, so low-maintenance and they look effortlessly chic but I also think they make me look older than I am – plus the grow out can be a major pain in the ass. I have been through it enough times with my stylist that he knows what cut I like for ease of growing it out when I want to. Not to mention, people in my life have a weird attachment to my hair and freak out when I cut it. It is just hair and it is my hair at that. I have a few cuts that I am drooling over at the moment:

I love the added volume on top and side-swept bang, plus you still have hair to add waves or style in different ways. What do you think? To pixie or not to pixie?! I have to say that if you haven’t tried it, I think it something that everyone should experience at least once in their life – it’s an experience. Sure, your co-workers might cry and you will get the whole, What did you do to your hair!? reaction for like a year – but, it’s worth it 😀

0905170913Here is a pic of my current hair length for reference, I have so much breakage in the back from wearing it up that it is almost embarrassing to wear it up now and I would love to shear all of that off 😦 Side note, I think I am balding…? Anyone…near my part, I swear that my hair is thinning. Anyway, I’d love some input! Let me know if you are a fan of the pixie or not 🙂

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10 thoughts

  1. I had to laugh when you say that your family is attached to your hair, mine too!! they always freak out when I cut it. Hubby has finally stopped freaking out because he likes it both ways, short and long. I only get mune cut once a year. I let it grow, to as long as I can stand the weight and then cut it above my shoulders. If your talking about the side part, and the hair is thinning, I thought the same thing about mine but I noticed that almost all ladies have that thin area. One side is thinner than the other, in my hair :):) I’d say get the Pixie cut if you want. You have such beautiful features it will look great.

    1. Haha! It cracks me up because it grows back and people get in such a twist over it! Yes – the side part, I always inspect it because I think that it is thinning but that is good to know that I am not the only one. I am going to have to look at some other ladies’ hair 😀 Aww, thank you – I appreciate that and it is such a fun cut, I think that I am probably going to go for it!! Thank you for reading and for the feedback ❤

      1. I know! Even the lady who has cut my hair for 10 years STILL says are you sure? It’s so long and your cutting it so short. I have to remind her every year, remember you cut it this way for years hahaha. Yeah that little thinning place, after I noticed mine, I started looking at any lady who had a side part or their hair up, and 9 out of 10 have it too :):) It was my please

  2. I do the same but have only gone to a short bob – I have never done a pixie. I could never do one personally because I have a funny shaped head…. I suspect I wasn’t held enough as a child because the back of my head is flat and boring haha!

  3. I’ve done the angled bob but not a pixie. I’ve been loving my hair short lately. I cut off 6 inches and now it’s cut at the collar bone. It feels like my head is lighter??!! Seriously, I say cut it for that first freeing minute when you feel so much lighter and kick ass.

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