Halloween Tag!

Like I needed another reminder that the internet is a dangerous, dangerous place – I was vegging in front of the computer last night and watched this compilation of people who had been turned into memes and how it basically ruined their lives. I ignorantly thought that the people who were the subject of the meme had willingly provided their image – not the case. In several for instances, the person’s image had been borrowed (stolen) by a random person from their Facebook, Myspace, etc and used for a meme. I just never thought that was the case, maybe because I use a lot of self-deprecating humor and would probably turn myself into a meme. I don’t know what my point is here, I am going to avoid memes with photos of actual people – it was just so sad to see these people talk about how much they hated being a viral meme.

I found a Halloween tag because I haven’t blabbed on about Halloween enough, obviously. I pulled the questions out of a super old Buzzfeed thread but if I can find the original creator, I will link them. That site is such a wormhole sometimes, these threads get out of hand but I am still addicted. To the tag!

Gypsy Curse

Halloween Parts I & II – I am not cheating here, the second film picks up right where the first one leaves off so if you watch them back to back it is like watching one long movie. Definitely recommend, I won’t get too much into them as these will be my final post for 31 Nights of Horror. Stay tuned!

Gypsy Curse

Pfffft! 1-10 is for losers, like a 15. I look forward to the holiday all year, I was not that into it when I was a kid but have really come into my element since having my own household and being able to decorate and do whatever I want. Probably the only aspect of being an adult that lives up to the hype.

Gypsy Curse

Hmmmmm, I think that I have already shared that my mother was maniacally religious so we didn’t do a whole lot for the holiday. I was also dedicated to having the stomach flu right near Halloween when I was a kid, I do recall one Halloween though where my sister also had the stomach flu and yakked in her candy bag (not a fond memory for her, also – who does that. SAVE THE CANDY). I gave her my candy but not because I am a good person, I am allergic to most candy but I dunno, she was really appreciative. Does the count!?

Gypsy Curse

I was a creepy kid, so it suited me but like I said – I have really gone overboard as an adult and it is so much fun because then you get to ensure that little kids get to have a great time. Also, growing up poor with 6 siblings – we didn’t feel poor on Halloween. We could get as creative as we wanted to with just what we had at home and our group costumes were epic.

Gypsy Curse

I throw out a couple of black-flame candles, host a seance or two – you know, just your basic stuff. Honestly, I start baking – I know that this is more traditional for Thanksgiving/Christmas but it just kicks off the season for me. I also start using a ton of fall scented candles and air fresheners, decorations, trolling the craft stores…just so many ways.

Gypsy Curse

Anything vintage from the 40’s & 50’s – I have dropped some serious ching on vintage decorations because they are so freaking creepy. Halloween was way more terrifying back in the day, even the cutesy stuff is terrifying. I like subtle decor, basically just pieces that add a Halloween vibe but that don’t look nuts if I pull them out at the end of July. Glitter – if it is coated in glitter then I am probably buying it.

Gypsy Curse

Anything spicy – I am burning cinnamon and vanilla candles right now. Clove, cardamom – just anything with spice.

Gypsy Curse

Dots – because I am not allergic to them. It’s total old people candy but I love them, the green are my favourite.

Gypsy Curse

Vampires – duh. You get to live forever, you become a total fox, you can wear velvet seemingly all of the time, cloaks.

Gypsy Curse

Coraline – I hate that movie, I can sit and watch horror movie for hours and they don’t phase me but I cannot watch that movie in its entirety. It just gives me the total creeps, I know that it isn’t a real life fear but it is the first thing that comes to mind.

Gypsy Curse

Yes, absolutely. I won’t get into it but yes.

I would love it if others would do this tag, if you aren’t in the Halloween mood already – it will definitely help ❤

Cheersto fortyyears

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