31 Nights of Horror – Let the Right One In

This next one is a new’sh Swedish film, Let the Right One In. This is a story about two young kids, a sad and lonely little boy and a mysterious little girl. Oskar lives with his mother and is often bullied by kids at school, he spends a lot of time planning violent retaliation and reading grisly accounts of murder. He meets Eli when she moves in with an elderly man who lives in the same apartment complex. Eli does not immediately allow Oskar to pursue a friendship with her but soon they become close. Hakan, the elderly man who is taking care of Eli makes several attempts to kill people and we don’t really know why but figure it out when we realize that we never see Eli during the day and she is unusually pale. A series of events leads to Hakan almost being caught and then hospitalized which results in him sacrificing himself for Eli to feed. Oskar soon realizes that his friend is really a blood thirsty killer. While he is angry, Eli makes him realize that his violent tendencies are no better than hers and while his are wants, hers are needs. After a brutal showdown with Oskar’s bullies, the two find themselves on a train with Eli stowed away in a box, perhaps on their way to happily ever after.


låt den rätte


It is a sad, atmospheric movie – the score is haunting and so beautiful. I enjoy the setting and the beauty of the surroundings. The vampire aspect isn’t too overdone and it seems more like a romance than a horror movie – an interesting watch.

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