Sample Saturday – Kat Von D Beauty

This is a brand that one would assume that I would be into, the artistry, the stunning hues, Kat Von D being a complete goddess – but I am not that into this brand. I have tried quite a few items and just never felt the need to make any of them permanent additions to my routine. Today I have two of her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick minis, this product claims to apply like a gloss and dry down to a matte finish, provides 24 hour wear, comes in 44 shades and retails at $20 each. The entire line is cruelty-free and I believe vegan but don’t quote me on that, the vegan thing is tricky to navigate, in my opinion. I have the shades Nosferatu and K-Dub, I love the matte black caps with silver detailing and the slim-line applicator makes these super easy to apply. I would agree that these apply like a lip gloss but if you colour outside of the lines – it will act just like a liquid lip so I couldn’t be too careless.


K-Dub is a magenta pink that is very vibrant, this shade applied like a dream – it was totally opaque with just one wand dip. You aren’t supposed to smack your lips after applying this formula but it set fairly quickly and dried down to a powdery, matte finish. It didn’t look powdery but when I pressed my lips together, it felt like I had powdered them but it a very comfortable formula for about the first 4 hours. My lips started to feel dry and tight around lunch time which is also when I needed to touch up, the 24 hour wear claim is less than accurate. This products does come off with food and drink but was easy enough to touch up.



Nosferatu is crimson red with seemingly a gold, metallic shift – it catches the light in a way that transforms the colour a bit. This shade did not apply as well as K-Dub, it took a few swipes to get an even application but it also dries really fast so it was flaking while I was adding layers. This one also broke up more over the course of the day and didn’t fade as gracefully as the other lippie, it was just flaking off and cracking – I am attributing this to the metallic shift that this one has. It looks great on first application but the dry down was a bit of a mess and definitely made my lips feel dryer. This one was definitely not my fav and I would probably skip the darker shades in the range based off of its performance.


One hit and one miss, definitely not replacing any liquid lippies in my collection with this formula any time soon but I would try more given the opportunity.

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7 thoughts

  1. It is drying but I love the K Dup one. It was my pool time essential. A lipstick that made me feel pretty. I don’t feel like the formula is the best either. If it wasn’t for the color…..

  2. I’ve tried the lipstick and had high expectations, but they weren’t as good as I hoped. The formula isn’t the greatest and they felt dry on my lips easily. I’m definitely gonna stick with Huda or Too Faced for liquid lipsticks!

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