31 Nights of Horror – A Nightmare on Elm Street

This movie changed the game for me, not only did I have to worry about getting serial-murdered in the real world, I was also now susceptible in my dream world. Freddy first appears in the dreams of teenager, Tina Gray and attacks her with his razor-blade embellished glove. Tina, thinking that it was just a nightmare is horrified to see that her nightgown is torn. Tina tells her friends (Rod, Don and Nancy – it was the 80’s) what happened and one by one, Freddy starts to terrorize each of them in their dreams. After Tina is murdered in her dreams, the remaining teens concoct a plan to lure Freddy into the real world so that they can defeat him. They also try really hard not to fall asleep and fail miserably which, this was a major plot flaw in my opinion, teens can stay awake for literally days! Better yet, recast this movie with toddlers and watch Freddy get owned. We find out that Freddy was a child-murderer who was not brought to justice, parents in the community went vigilante on his ass and burned him alive in a boiler room – hence his disfigurement. Freddy is now seeking revenge on the parents who boiled him by targeting their children. Nancy, who is certain that Tina was murdered by Freddy is the one who brings him out of the dream world and tries to kill him but she isn’t successful. You can’t kill Freddy, see the next bajillion movies in the franchise.


This movie was a pioneer in the special effects world, they mostly sucked, see blood fountain:


And I prefer my horror movies to not rely so heavily on effects but some of them were pretty gross and fairly well executed. Freddy is absolutely disgusting, his voice and that striped sweater. Forget the burns, what the fuck was that sweater – you just know that he was a sleaze bag in real life. Of the franchise, this is the only one that I like – you just can’t best the original.

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