31 Nights of Horror – Constantine

If Keanu Reeves is performing exorcisms then sign me up for demonic possession. The premise of this film is that God and Lucifer have a wager on the souls of mankind and that there are hybrid demonic and angelic beings on Earth who can influence the deal. There are also human beings who can see these beings for what they really are. The movie begins somewhere in Mexico, two men are digging through some rubble and one of them discovers the Spear of Destiny – a holy relic, supposedly the spear that pierced Christ’s lung while he lay on the cross. Manuel becomes possessed and starts a journey to the United States. We meet John Constantine while performing an exorcism on a girl possessed by a soldier demon trying to come to Earth, this isn’t allowed under the rules of the wager and he thinks that something awry.




We then meet Detective Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz), her twin sister is in a psychiatric ward and has just committed suicide. Angela is convinced that her sister did not commit suicide being a devout Catholic and is appealing to a priest to allow her to have a Christian burial when she runs into Constantine who is seeking help from the angel Gabriel. Gabriel being played by Tilda Swinton is so perfect to me, the wings, the hair, the suit – stunning. Angela and Constantine embark on a battle to stop the demons from breaking the rules of the wager. In doing so, they discover that Mammon (son of Lucifer) is trying to overthrow his father and take mankind for himself with the help of Gabriel who resents mankind for their abuse of God’s infinite love. They battle half-breeds, demons and Lucifer himself but ultimately restore the balance.



I saw this film on the big screen, the scene depicting Hell literally shocked me. Never had I seen fire and brimstone so terrifyingly depicted, and I was raised Catholic so I know a thing or two about brimstone. The concept fascinates me, that half-angels and half-demons were put on Earth to up the ante on a bet between God and Lucifer. I think that is actually more terrifying to me than the idea of be good, go to Heaven or be bad, go to Hell. My favourite scenes are when the half-breeds reveal themselves, either demon or angel they are mesmerizing. This is definitely a favourite movie that I will watch at any time of year.

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