31 Nights of Horror – Fear

The memory of hunkering down at midnight, under the couch with my sister to watch this film is actually more piquant than watching it in the present. Fear, is so bizarre and pretty unsettling. I thought that William Petersen (the dad) was such a fox, I don’t know what this says about me…? He plays the overprotective patriarch of his somewhat broken family. There isn’t anything overtly wrong aside from a lot of tension but it’s enough to add extra drama to the plot. He is married to his second wife who has her own son from another marriage and his own teenage daughter from his first marriage, Nicole, (Reese Witherspoon). Nicole is 16 and has a wild friend Margo (Alyssa Milano) and nerdy friend Gary. Nicole and Margo go to a rave (you could do this at 16 in 90’s) and meet David (Mark Wahlberg) who has to be in his early 20’s in this film but is every teen girl’s fantasy. A fight breaks out at the rave and Margo runs off with some super, scabby looking 40 year old biker and Nicole leaves with David who looks and acts the part of a well-mannered, nice guy.



Everything is great, he even requests to meet her parents and this goes over fairly well. Then things get weird, David attacks Gary and brutally beats him after seeing him hug Nicole, in the midst of this, he also gives Nicole a black eye. She decides not to see him anymore but he obsessively tries to contact her and apologize for being a psycho. They start seeing each other again but Steve (dad) is suspicious and does some digging into David’s troubled past. He decides to have a chit chat with David to tell him to stop seeing Nicole but David turns the tables on him and bruises himself to make it look like Steve hit him. Nicole runs off with David much to the chagrin of her parents. Later that night she sees David at a party intending to sleep with Margo (who is 16, people) while she is high on crack (still 16) and Nicole decides to break it off with David. This of course turns him even more psychotic, he etches Nicole’s name into his chest, murders Gary and superimposes a cut out of his head over Steve’s head in a family photo. Never knew what that was about. Then, he and his gang of heathens torment the family in their secluded home, constructed mostly of windows. Nicole ends up stabbing David but that doesn’t finish him, Steve chucks him out of the top floor window to his demise.


Like I said, this movie is super unsettling and not for the squeamish. Nothing terrible happens until the last half hour or so but it is an intense movie from start to finish and we never really find out what happened in David’s past. This movie totally put me off Mark Wahlberg, the creep factor was just too real. It also put me off dating and raves, I learned a lot of life lessons from horror movies – more kids should watch them 😛 The soundtrack totally sucks, I think it’s mostly Nickleback – fair warning.

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