31 Nights of Horror – Halloween

Ah yes, the coupe de grace, the final reckoning, the piece de resistance – John Carpenter’s 1978/81 slasher flicks, Halloween Parts I and II. 6-year-old Michael Myers murders his sister and is committed to a psychiatric hospital. Fifteen years late on Halloween Eve, Michael escapes and makes his way back home to Haddonfield, Illinois to give the locals a Samhain that they will never forget.



Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) drops a key off at the Michael’s childhood home provoking his stalking her for the remainder of the day. She sees him while walking home with her two friends, Annie and Lynda but they convince her that is’t nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Dr. Sam Loomis arrives in Haddonfield and alerts the local authorities that there is a maniac in their town and he is out for blood. The police and Loomis patrol Michael’s childhood home but he doesn’t return. Laurie is babysitting Tommy and her friend Annie convinces her to watch another child, Lindsey so that she can leave with her boyfriend. When Annie gets into her car, Michael is there waiting and kills her. Lynda and Bob show up at the Wallace house not knowing that Annie is dead and that Michael is waiting for them. He kills Bob and strangles Lynda while she is on the phone with Laurie. Laurie heads over to investigate and finds her dead friends, she runs back to protect Tommy and Lindsey with Michael in pursuit. The kids get out to alert authorities while Laurie is in a death match with Michael, Loomis finally arrives after running into the fleeing children and shoots Michael several times. Part I ends with Loomis then going to look for Michael’s corpse but not being able to find it.


Part II picks up with Michael still on a rampage and Laurie being admitted to the local hospital. Loomis is still on the hunt for him but Michael sees that Laurie has been taken to the hospital on the news and makes his way there. He cuts all communication and disables any means of escape then proceeds to kill all of the hospital personnel. He gets pretty creative, one doctor gets a needle to the eye, a nurse is exsanguinated, another nurse is steamed to death. Loomis is notified that Michael has broken into a local elementary school and goes to investigate but of course does not find him there. At this point we find out that Laurie is Michael’s sister but this information has been kept confidential. They head to the hospital to thwart Michael, which involves burning the facility to the ground. Laurie does finally escape but we know that Michael isn’t done yet, see the next dozen films in the franchise.



The music, the creepy masked maniac, the atmosphere – these movies are the perfect slasher flicks. I never really understood why these kids in the flower of their youth couldn’t just outrun Michael but his slow, calculated approach does provide quite the build up. But seriously, just run. Also, no, I don’t like the remake – I think it is absolutely abhorrent and disgusting. Rob Zombie, please stay in your lane, which isn’t music either.

And that concludes my 31 Nights of Horror, I hope that these were enjoyable and thanks for stopping by <3


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